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Monday, September 19

A Cupcake, a Game, and a Boudoir

"Wish me luck babe, as I try balancing my bag, my lappie, and a chocolate cupcake for you.” It’s another balancing act for P. A bag, slinging on his left shoulder, a laptop bag on his right, a cupcake on his left hand, and his right hand clinging on a hand rail. The challenge now, aside from balancing his things, is not getting the cupcake crushed inside a jam-packed train. He survived the trip.

He waited for C at the coffee shop where they first met. “Will C like the cupcake?” he thought. The icing is almost melting. He just sighed. Melted icing or not, he’s sure Mom & Tina’s cupcake would still make C swoon over it.

The door chimed, and when P looked behind, it was C; looking as cute as ever. Their eyes were locked to each other and they both smiled. C sat on a chair in across the table so they are facing each other.

            P:         Hey there, babe.
            C:         Hi.
P was just staring at C, chin on hand, smiling.

            C:         What?
            P:         Nothing… 
            C:         Nothing?
            P:         I miss you.
            C:         I miss you too, babe. Do you want anything?
            P:         No.
            C:         You sure?
            P:         Uh huh. 
            C:         I’m getting coffee. Are you sure you don’t want anything? 
            P:         I want you (whispered)

It made C smile. C stood up and bought just one iced coffee, so that they could share. They took a sip, alternately.

C, then, started to eat the cupcake that P bought. P watched as C eats the cupcake one fork slice at a time. With C’s “mmmm’s” and thumbs up signals, P could tell that it was, as how C called it, delectable and orgasmic.

The kid in C wanted to play Defense of the Ancients (All Stars), so P obliged. Off they went to the nearest computer shop and secured 2 seats. Unfortunately, the computers are acting up so they moved to another seat, where the computers are slightly hidden.

            P:         I wanna make out.
            C:         Me too.

They looked around, and when they saw no one was watching, they kissed. After a few seconds, both pulled away to break the kiss in the hopes that no one noticed. Both just smiled after. It was sugar rush.

They won the first round, lost the second, and redeemed themselves on the third battle. The game was exhilarating.

They decided to spend the night together after the game.

The events that transpired after are kept in private. As they say,“what happens in the Boudoir; stays in the Boudoir”


In a way, C has found Le Chevalier de Mirval and P has found Eugenie.



shenanigans said...

haaay! kainggit!

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Ayyyy, with a sprinkling of gruyere cheese, the cup cake is just perfect.

I envy you!

It's time for me to claim what is rightfully mine.

Off to see Derek.

Uu, yung Ramsay.



Nate said...

@Rus: hihihi... :) oy, na-sad ako dun sa post mo about JC ba yun? don't worry, you'll have your share of kilig stories to tell din.. believe in love!! who knows? if won't find love, maybe love will find you.. :)

@HRH Queen Chuni: eeeeeeeeeeeee! hahaha.. uhm, mukhang masarap yang ganyang cupcake ah.. yung may sprinkles of gruyere cheese.. but this particular cupcake is a moist chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate frosting and a rosette of chocolate fondant

go!! i-pursue mo yang si Derek!! :)

shenanigans said...

magdilang anghel ka sana.. :)

Nate said...

@Rus: :)

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