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Friday, July 29


My 8th Muse is a lady of noble blood. A Queen. And today is the day she blossoms into womanhood at age eighteen ( insert kulog & kidlat, with matching earthquakes, tsunamis, and what have you.. :P ). In her post about her adventures & misadventures in riding a train, she asked me to post my share of an encounter. As the Queen demands, so I, a royal subject, will oblige...


It was another usual Friday night. Since I’ve no appointments, I decided to go home. The train was in its jam packed state again. I waited for two trains to pass, and I got on to this next one. I was near the door. Facing me was a guy, probably my age, wearing glasses & sporting a smart casual getup. To that guy’s right, is another guy wearing red with his backpack on his chest. On my left was this guy, probably older than I am, with stubble facial hair, and wearing a black biker’s jacket on a black sando and an acid washed jeans. I love the rugged, rockstar look that he’s got going on. I think he looks hot.

I was minding my own business, balancing my right shoulder carrying a laptop bag, and my left shoulder carrying another bag. Suddenly, I felt a hand moving towards my butt. I didn’t mind it at first, thinking maybe Mr. Rockstar was just stretching his arms. Then, the supposed stretching turned to groping.

Thoughts came to my head. I recalled Eon wanting MRT encounters such as this na tipong “babastusin ka.” Hahahaha! :P

I didn’t mind the first grope, but I stared at him when he did it again. To my stare, he responded a devilish grin. He moved closer to me till my left hand, supporting the bag I’m carrying, felt his now throbbing member. Hindi naman masyadong mauga inside the train, but he keeps on bumping my left hand. I cautiously looked down to what my left hand was feeling and I saw his fly already half unzipped. Then I thought, “Oh, now I get it…” So, I took the liberty of fully unzipping it for him, and letting my hand inside his pants. My hand slowly caressed his stiff manhood, with my fingers tracing every inch, in an attempt to measure it. Well, let’s just say he is well–endowed (giggles). Oh, in case you’re wondering, yes, he did fish it out. Siya na ang horny! Siya na! :P

To my caresses, he responded with groping my behind. While that was happening, I felt another hand groping my shaft and it was coming from my front; it was Mr. Smart Casual. It went on for a couple of stations. (Insert shower scene with good lighting, scrubbing the body, sliding down the wall, saying “ang dumi dumi ko…”)

I let out a soft moan, and, I thought, Mr. Red Shirt noticed it. Well, I couldn’t care less about what he thought. Two guys are working me out, what am I supposed to do?? Duh?!

People alighted on the next station and slightly cleared our area. Mr. Rockstar zipped up and moved a little farther from me, but my hand seemed to like what it has been stroking for the past couple of minutes. He smiled at me while he shook his head. Two stations after that, Mr. Rockstar alighted. Who would’ve thought we’d drop off the same station? I walked past him, and I was walking a little fast because I’ve got to take a leak. But from my peripheral view, I saw him catching up. I slowed down, a bit, and when we’re already walking side by side:

“Pauwi ka na?” he asked, to which I answered, “Yup!”

“Where do you live?” a follow-up question, and I answered “Oh, just around the corner.” He smiled.

“How about you? Where are you from?” I asked, and he stuttered. (Ok, I get it. He obviously doesn’t give out too much info to a stranger whom he butt-grabbed in the train.) I inserted my ticket, he inserted his. While walking, he asked: “Did you notice the guy in red? I think he was suspicious.” “Don’t worry, I see that guy most of the time,” I said. “For all I know, he’s gay, and he’s just jealous that you were bumping your way towards me and not towards him,” I said further, to which he chuckled. And when we reached the stairs:

“You’re going down? My way is up,” I said.

“Oh, ok” he said, and then he brought out his phone then asked, “can I get your number?”

“Sure! It’s 09...”

After saving my number, he called me. I guess he wanted to make sure that I didn’t give a fake number. I brought out my phone, showed it to him saying “so, this is you calling…”

“Yes, that’s me,” he looked relieved.

“Sabay na ako sa ‘yo… Dun din naman ang daan ko eh,” he said. So we walked, side by side again. Only, this time, his right arm was wrapped around my shoulders. (Jerro! Naalala kita here sa post mo. Kung kayo, HHWW, kami akbay moment…) Feeling close si Mr. Rockstar. Although, I have to admit, I was giggling inside. Good thing, it’s a long walkway, and quite a long flight of stairs. Mapapatagal ang akbay moment namin ni kuya.

“I didn’t get your name,” said I.

“Oh, it’s Mark. What’s yours?”

“I’m Nate.”


“NO! It’s Nate. N-A-T-E.”

“Oh ok… Got it!” he chuckled.

Then the usual “getting to know you” questions followed immediately after. He works at Makati as a Personal Nurse.

“So what, exactly, does a Personal Nurse do?” I asked.

“Oh the usual stuff, plus other things.”

“What other things? Things still related to nursing?” I naively asked.

He just smiled.

“You were aggressive kanina,” he said and my face literally turned red.

“Oh, ganun ba? Sorry ah… I didn’t mean to..”

“No, it’s ok. It’s ok.”

It’s the end of the walkway already. Next is a long flight of stairs going down…  

“Parang mabigat yang dala mo ah…” he said, with a rather caring tone.

“Oh, these? This one’s a laptop (pointing to my right bag), and this one’s personal stuff (pointing to my left bag).”

“You need help with those? I could carry them for you.” (I wish! I’m not a damsel-in-distress.)

“Don’t worry, magaan naman…” I continued.

While walking the stairs, he asked,

“By the way, how young are you?”

“Young? Me? I’m twen---”

Bumawi ako, “How about you? How OLD are you?”

“How old do you think I am? Go ahead, make a guess…”

Well, he is obviously older than I am. And, judging by the clothes he’s wearing, medyo may pagka-youngster pa naman. “Uhm, thirty?? Uhm, thirty something?”

“You think so?” he asked.

“Well, yeah…” I answered.

“Well, I’m older than that.” he said.

So I stopped walking, stared at him, and got a good look of how he really looks like. He’s taller than I am. He’s fit, that’s for sure. His sando is almost exposing his chiseled chest with a little hair. He’s got broad shoulders, and his arms are buff. He has a ruggedly handsome face. He doesn’t really look older than thirty something.

“For real?” said I.

“Yes… For real…” said he.

“How old then?” I asked further.

He grinned and said, “Old enough to be your dad.”

We bade each other goodbye when we reached the taxi bay. “See you soon...” he said, and then he went inside the cab.

The morning after, I woke up to a phone call. It was him. I wasn’t able to answer his call, so I texted him.

Nate:    Hey Mark! Good morning! Sorry, I just got up. You called?

Mark:    yeah,mark here-your daddy wearing swimming trunks while you tried groping it.

Mark:    i promised to call last night.sorry.

Nate:    haha! hi daddy mark! you were wearing swimming trunks? mmm.. sexy! J it’s ok if u weren’t able to call.. so, what’s up?

He didn’t answer after that. It was almost brunch when I called him. He asked if I was home and if I already had breakfast. I told him, I was about to have brunch. He apologized for not calling that night, and I said it was ok.

“See you soon,” he said. Then I hung up.

I don’t know what’s gonna happen on the days to come. All I know is that I feel comfortable with him despite the fact that I barely know him, and he’s “old enough to be my dad.” There’s something about him. Then I thought, “Ambait naman nya…” He even bothered calling me up the next day, and apologized for not calling the night before.

So, cheers to a new found friend and daddy!

By the way, he’s 41 (that’s what he said).


I'm not sure if you'll like this, my Queen.  But for now, this is as "mild" as I could go.

Bon Anniversaire,
 Comtesse Nicole de Lancret!

Thursday, July 28

Sa 'yo Bulan: Isang Hiling at mga Luha

Nawindang ako kay DeeBee sa post nya... Bilang emo-emohan ang lolo, akala ko may pinagdadaanan na naman siya... Tapos ayun... Lumahok pala siya sa isang patimpalak. Ako naman si inggitero, naisipan ko ring sumali... Salamat iya_khin sa magandang ideya... Narito ang aking piyesa para sa iyong patimpalak...


Ako’y nilamon ng mapanglaw na gabi,
Habang ikaw, O Bulan, ay nakamasid
Pagpaumanhinan mo, patawarin, sa labis na paghikbi
Sa likod ng mga bintanang binuksan sa pagkakapinid
Sa kadiliman ng gabi, ang iyong ngiti ay namasdan
Itinago man ng mga ulap, hinayaan mong kuminang
Sa Iyo, Diyosa ng Buwan, muling iiyak ang puso
At ibubuhos ang damdaming pilit kinikimkim, itinatago

Sa aking pag-iisa, ramdam sa twina’y kalungkutan
Nasaan na siya, ang aking irog? Hindi ba siya daratal?
Sino ba ang itinadhana? Sino’ng mamahalin magpakailanman?
Tila di na kayang hintayin pa ng pusong nalulungkot at napapagal.

Mga pagniniig na walang saysay, na hindi sa kaniyang piling
Ay nais ko nang matigil at lagyan ng hangganan
Pakinggan mo, O Bulan, at dinggin aking hiling
Hayaan mong ako’y suklubin na ng walang hanggang karimlan.

Hindi na nanaising mabuhay pa,
Ang pagsamo ko’y iyong gawing ganap
Aking sawing buhay, wakasan mo, O Bulan,
Ako’y palayain sa aking paghihirap…

Wednesday, July 27


I'm not really hot... but I'm
parang Nescafe 3-in-1 Brown and Creamy lang... (insert commercial ni Coco Martin)

Hanubeh?! Kala nyo ako yan?! Ang masasabi ko lang, I'm neither hot nor yummy... Bow!


Just the other day, I was talking to this friend of mine who is swingin' it both ways... Yes, dear readers, siya na... siya na talaga!! Best of both worlds ang drama ni friend… For the past 2 years, he's been with a guy, then a girl, then a girl again, and now with a guy... Mind you, relationships 'to ah... Hindi 'to FBs lang... ganyan. :P

Anyway, highway, freeway, subway, Gateway, ayun... open relationship daw siya with this new guy... Open, sa side nya... And I'm like, "What?! Does he know about it?"

Bigla kong naalala ang epitome ng modern day relationships na sila Eon & Jerron (may ganyang factor??!) According to Eon, and I quote: "No matter how many hot guys we meet, date, have sex with, and have pseudo-relationships with, and how many gorgeous, easy to fall for, guy try to break us apart, we continue to choose each other, that my friend is faithfulness." 

So sabi ko kay friend, to talk about it with his beau... I mean, wala namang masama if they'd talk about stuff like this. They talked naman daw.. Pumayag naman si beau niya.. Ang kaso mo, mabait si beau... He allowed my friend to play around, pero si beau... behaved!! NKKLK!

See our convo below:

Nate: with whom?
itchy_friend: Sa side ko open lol
Nate: ah..
Nate: tangina mo!
Nate: kala mo kung sino kang hot!!
Nate: :P
Nate: :))
itchy_friend: Hahaha
itchy_friend: Ay bad!
itchy_friend: Di naman ako hot
itchy_friend: Yummy lang
Nate: grr...
Nate: :P
Nate: so, who's the pathetic guy?
itchy_friend: Si beau..
Nate: oh.. so you're exclusive.. sa side nya..
Nate: pero you're foolin' around sa side mo
Nate: spell complicated?
Nate: :P
itchy_friend: Exclusive naman kami pag and2 sya
itchy_friend: I just played pag wala sya
Nate: that's tricky, friend..
Nate: why don't you talk it over..
Nate: fo' sho' he has his fair share of flings too, on his side..
Nate: mas ok siguro, if pag-usapan nyo na open relationship kayo..
Nate: i mean, you're exclusive.. coz you are boyfriends..
Nate: pro pag itch na.. ganyan.. kanya kanyang diskarte sa pagpapakamot..
itchy_friend: Open naman kami preho choice lang nya na hindi lumandi
Nate: ah..
Nate: lugi sya..
Nate: papuntahin nga dito yan..
Nate: hahambalusin ko lang ng chair.. ganyan..
Nate: :P
itchy_friend: Uu lugi sya dami ko taga kamot
itchy_friend: Nasa bahay nya sya..
Nate: hais.. sex is fun, yes.. but.. what if.. you accidentally fell for someone who, at first, you thought to be just someone to play with?
Nate: tsk!
itchy_friend: Dun ulit ako matutulog mamaya
itchy_friend: Sorry Nate, i dont play with my food
Nate: oh.. ok..
Nate: easier said than done, friend..
Nate: let's see..
Nate: you'll realize, friend.. i'm mostly right..
Nate: :P
itchy_friend: Hahaha. Dont worry wala pang nangyayaring ganun.
Nate: yah..
itchy_friend: Meron ako reg fubu, pero wala naman emo attachment
Nate: let's see..
itchy_friend: And dont you ever pray na i'd fall cause that won’t happen

Be careful, friend! Ang masasabi ko dyan, “Sige lang… go and have fun!” 

But when it does happen, don't go running to me, crying, saying "I didn't tell you so..."

I did warn you.

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