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Saturday, July 16

Evil Fairy Godmother-turned-Matchmaker Part 3


“Will he give in and play with fire? I’m not sure. But if he does, I hope he doesn’t get burned.”


Almost everyone’s dressed up for the game, everyone but Baller. So, SpongeBob looked around and searched for his friend—he’s nowhere within the premises. “Maybe he just went out to smoke,” thought SpongeBob as he walked back to the dugout. The warm-ups have started, and Baller arrived just in time.

“Guess who he tagged along?”


“Oh c’mon Nate, make a guess…”

“Oh my effin’ gosh! He brought Ms. Flawless with him?”

“Tangek! Hinde… Si GF ang dala nya…”

Oh well, silly me. In my head: “The nerve on Baller, if he ever tagged Ms. Flawless along to introduce her to their teammates.”

The GF was very supportive throughout the whole game, cheering Baller on and all that jazz. Baller was, obviously, inspired and played better than the previous game. The whole team was teasing him. Tagging her along benefitted both Baller (to get his game on), and the team… I guess GF was a lucky charm; the Team won the game.

Sana laging mong dalhin si GF, para lagi kang inspired maglaro…” said one teammate.

After the game, Baller & his GF excused themselves.

            “Yi… may date…” teased the Team.

“Congratulations, my friend! I guess your team’s doing well.”


“You won the game right? When was that? 3 days ago?”

“Uh huh.”

So that’s it? Uh huh? You don’t look happy… At all…”

SpongeBob doesn’t get it. They were on a whole day meeting, and he can’t help notice Baller acting a little weird. Baller, clearly, isn’t focused. He keeps on texting the whole time. So SpongeBob called his attention… via YM, that is:

“It’s a good thing he’s open to the idea of talking about whatever it is he’s going through… Good job!”

“I know… Thanks, Nate…”

“But the million dollar question is… When? When will this talk happen?”

“Oh, we’ll talk Nate… Like what he said, we’ll talk when he’s ready.”

“Uhm, Nate?”


            “Thanks for spending time in listening to my stories.”

I just smiled.

But at the back of my head, when Baller wrote “medyo personal” on his chat with SpongeBob, it got me a little curious. What could that mean? Let’s see…


^travis said...

sa template ako magko-comment: beautiful!

Nate said...

@Travis: hahahaha! thanks!

the green breaker said...

bagong bihis! :D

curiosity can only tag us into miles of imagination. part four is on the way, I take it?

Nate said...

@GB: hey there!! weebee (welcome back)!! yup! new look.. nature nature-an ang drama.. ahahaha! :P and yup, part 4 is coming up soon.. ikaw na ang excited.. :D

the green breaker said...

Chismoso kasi ako. HAHAHAHA :D inamin talaga eh noh.

Nate said...

@joe: hahaha! ayun.. huli ka!! --- "Chismoso kasi ako. HAHAHAHA :D inamin talaga eh noh."

o, sya sige.. dahil malakas ka sa 'kin, I'll try to publish it as soon as I can.. I'll just have to clarify some things with SpongeBob..

and, uhm, Joe... your eyes... they're lovely...

the green breaker said...

ISA KA PANG BOLERO! bwahahahaha :D

Nate said...

@joe: hahahaha! di noh! :P seriously, dude, your eyes are lovely..

the green breaker said...

sabay dude hahaha. :D

salamat kung ganon. :)

solt said...

yes, inaaway nila ko kc pechay na lagi kong topics r u nate? ehehehe :p

Nate said...

@kuya solt: aww... uu nga eh... a lot of bitter people attacked you on your post... ok lang yan.. *hugs*

whatever happens, you still remain as one of my Muses.. I'm forever a fan..

oh, and to answer your question... I'm good, I guess... *sighs*

soltero said...

hey dude, i'm not gna go away haha, lalo lang sasaya yang mga bwiset pag nagclose ako ng blog, manigas cla hahah :P

Nate said...

@kuya solt: yey!! *cartwheel* ahahaha! :P weebee!! tama yan.. don't go away.. ayokong malagasan ang 9 Muses ko... :)

it's good to know that you chose to stay, despite the fact na medyo marami ang umalma against you.. i'm happy! *hugs*

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