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Sunday, July 10

Evil Fairy Godmother-turned-Matchmaker Part 2


"I still believe in fairy tales and happily ever after... That's how I am... I want my friend to have the same happy ending that I have..." -Fairy Godmother


“What’s this about?”

“Oh, Nate, you know…”

“Not again… Not him again…”

And so SpongeBob went on to babble his way, while I take a sip of coffee…

One day in the office, Fairy Godmother did a whispered aside to Baller and this didn’t escape the ears of Spongebob: “She’s already waiting downstairs. It’s your call, if you wanna go out her or not.” SpongeBob went to his workstation and snatched a few glances at Baller using a desk mirror. Baller is acting weird, almost uneasy. He’s hesitant about the meet up. When the clock struck 6 o’clock post meridian, Fairy God went out first, followed by Baller not long after.

“So what happened?” asked I.

“I don’t know. I, honestly, don’t know…,” uttered SpongeBob after letting out a deep sigh.

“I’m protective about my friends, Nate, you know that… The good in me, with my values intact, still thinks what she (Fairy Godmother) did was beyond forgivable. She is forcing Baller to play with fire. I felt helpless, to have watched him giving in to temptation. I could’ve done something. But I feel I’m not in the position to meddle with his personal affairs.”

I feel bad for my friend. He’s really worried about Baller. But he could only do so much about caring for his friend. The choice is still with Baller. Will he give in and play with fire? I’m not sure. But if he does, I hope he doesn’t get burned.


^travis said...

can anybody play with fire and not get burned? epal lang, Nate.

Nate said...

@travis: hahaha! uhm, actually.. some could get scorched and live another day.. others could even walk away unscathed.. ah ewan.. poor SpongeBob.. ay, mas kawawa pala si Baller, siya na! :P may next parts pa.. abangan.. :P

the green breaker said...

In life, we take risks. Sometimes, people are lucky enough to get away with it. Baller should be careful, though.

Nate said...

@GB: true.. Baller should be really careful.. let's see what happens.. :P

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