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Wednesday, July 13

Unmasking the Daredevil

I could still vividly remember the first day I stumbled upon his blog. I remember being awestruck at how this particular blogger could weave words and make them almost come alive in his stories. I started out commenting as Anonymous. I mean, for someone like him who has been blogging for a number of years, I’m sure he wouldn’t even care to notice. But he did… So I started commenting as me, Nate.

I commented on his posts more; especially on his post; which, I think, has the highest number of comments. From that day, reading his blog became a habit and I considered him as my blogspace muse.

Then, came the day where he revealed himself to his readers… Now, the blogger has a face… Then I wondered… “How does he look like in the flesh?”

“How would it feel like meeting him?”

So this was my attempt in unmasking the Daredevil… 


One comment after the other sparked an idea for an eye-ball. I just can't believe that the Daredevil, himself, was up for it. I had no idea that it would materialize. To my surprise, he even showed enthusiasm for the said meet-up. 

April 27
Eon:      Dear all: as some of us are from far north and others are from far south, i suggest we meet for lunch on sat, apr 30, at the a veneto branch in megamall. RSVP.

April 28
Eon:      Hello again. Si ayla lng po ung nagconfirm. No response si red, nate at jayps. Tutuloy pb?

Me:    Hi eon! Gud aftie! Nate here.. So sorry for the late response.. i'm good with lunch at A Veneto

Eon:      Yup. Seeyah

Me:    Hi eon! Nate hir again.. I'm currently chattin with jayps.. Sadly, he won't make it.. So, it's just red's rply that we're w8ng for, ryt?

Eon:      Nagcancel na din si red. Pero ayala is taking 7 deadly jeans with her. So bale it's 5 of us on sat

Me:    Oh ok.. see you, then..


This was it! It was an exciting day for me. The day I get to meet the man behind the words. The feeling was a mixture of excitement & nervousness. It was like a fan-meets-superstar thing.

After prepping up, I hurried my way to Megamall... Upon setting foot on Mega, I felt something was different. I looked around and literally saw a sea of people coming from all directions. "Oh snap!" I forgot it was a mall-wide sale. Well, sanay na siguro ako sa jampacked na MRT, so a scene like this isn't new to me. So, I squished my way to A Venetto.

Eon:      Andito n kmi sa a Veneto.

While walking towards A Venetto, I saw this couple just in front of the said resto. Based on the photo that he posted, I could tell that the one wearing glasses is Eon and the other guy is Jerron. I was shy; in fact, I was a bit nervous. So just to make sure it really was them, I texted Eon and even tried to call him. The signal must’ve been acting up because he can’t hear me. So, I just texted him, and told him I was in front of the carousel; and yes, they were unmistakably Eon & Jerron. So I introduced myself, and he was courteous enough to shake my hand.

Once seated inside the resto, we started with the usual small talk. Eon is genuinely nice and outgoing. Jerron is really the mysterious type but, at times, he also joins in the conversation. Since we’re all hungry, and can’t wait for Ayla & Jean, we decided to order. While eating, topics branched from bloggers, to work stuff, to food, (Oh, by the way, since they both love to cook, they have sensitive taste buds. They could tell whether tomato sauce or tomato paste, and which brand)  and, of course, books.

It’s known to everyone that Eon loves to read books. He even told me that Midnight Orgasm (now Pointless Paranoia) borrows some of his books. When he asked what the latest book I’ve read was, I froze. He could’ve asked “what’s the capital of Finland?” and I could’ve answered “Helsinki” in a blink of an eye. Then it made me think. I even mumbled in front of him in trying to remember which book. They were actually The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle during the Christmas vacation. But I think I only answered him with “The Alchemist.”

Anyway, when were almost full, then the late comers, Ayla & Jean, arrived. They were both bloggers like Eon. Ayla is a bubbly, jolly soul, while Jean is also a talker like his bestie, Ayla. Theirs is a friendship that others could be envious of. She puts up with his drama, he puts up with her craziness. Jean’s getting inked, and Ayla is supportive of it. Now, with Ayla & Jean around, topics turned to booze, dating, relationships, and sex. They were a fun crowd to be with. They never ran out of stories to tell.

A couple of hours after, we decided to call it a day, and parted ways…

Me:    Hi eon! It was nice meeting you; it’s nice 2 see d person behind the blog. And it was also nice meeting jerron.. Have a great weekend!

Eon:      Ditto. Let’s do a repeat soon.
And since it’s his birthday today, I asked he approves of me blogging about him… And he said yes…
Red is the color of love and of passion,
Red is the color sensuality,
Red is the color of birthdays & celebration,
Red is the color of life & vitality,
Red is the color of his new apron,
Red is his color,
He is the Daredevil, and his name is Eon...

Happy 27th Birthday, Eon!


daredevilry said...

sweet... you remember that first meetup quite well. masusundan pa yan. it's just hard to set a schedule with everyone. kahit coffee tambay lang.

Nate said...

@eon: thanks!! and I'm sooo looking forward for that coffee tambay.. :D

Anonymous said...

There you go. I have been thinking of posting something like this also, but many people appeared so have thought of the idea beforehand.

I am a text away, Nate. Hand waves.

Nate said...

@pointlessparanoia: hi!! *waves back* go ahead and post something for dear Eon.. i'm sure you could come up with something.. :D

Désolé Boy said...

Nice one. Wish I could have some of these meet-ups too. And I like the Daredevil's writings too.

Nate said...

@deebee: OMG!!! *cartwheels* thanks for commenting! :D i'm sure you could do meet-ups.. i mean, you've met Alter in person, and lived to blog about it the next day, right? :)

eon & his partner jerron are genuinely nice people..

it's also good to know that we share the same liking of the Daredevilry's writings..

Anonymous said...

Ang sweet naman. :] Nameet ko na din sina Ayla, Eon, Jerron, kasama din si CurbsidePuppet. They were really nice. Di nauubusan ng paguusapan. :]

Nate said...

@cosmic glitch: aww.. hehehe.. yup! they're a fun crowd to be with.. they've tons of stories to tell.. I hope I'd be able to meet you too.. :)

Pointless Paranoia said...

How nice your new look is!

Nate said...

@PP: aww... you're sweet.. thanks! :)



We'll meet someday. Balak ko din mag-arrange ng isang bonggang blogger meet. Hehe.

Nate said...

@jerro: yun naman pala eh.. :D

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