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Wednesday, April 25

No Ordinary Love

  From the very first time that we kissed
I knew that I just couldn’t let you go at all
From this day on, remember this
That you’re the only one that I adore
Can we make this last forever
This can’t be a dream
Cause it feels so good to me
So good to me

~MYMP, No Ordinary Love


Happy 8th monthsary, C!
I love you!


Drama King said...

Aw. Happy Monthsary guys! Love, love, love! <3

Nate said...

@Drama King: thanks!! :)

pointlessparanoia said...

Kinikilig ako. :) Happy monthsary to you, guys!

Nate said...

@pointlessparanoia: hihihi.. thanks! :)

RoNRoNTuRoN said...

yihhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Congrats! :D

Nate said...

@RonRon: thanks fwend!! :)

Jerro Santos said...

I know it's not too late to greet both of you lover birds. :) Keep loving.

Nate said...

@Jerro: awe.. thank you!! :)

Leo said...

Happy Monthsary Natey and hmmm, you know who. Hahaha. More love, more months, more years... to forever! Love you guys! :)

Nate said...

@Leo: hahaha.. thanks leo! :) *hugs*

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