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Monday, April 15

You Are Cordially Invited... NOT!

A wedding, for me, is also a reunion.

The ceremony is supposed to bring the people, close to the heart of the bride and groom, to witness their union.

Close to the heart? That's what I thought.

But, recently, I felt more disconnected than reunited.

Makisig and Mutya got married days after my twin brother's wedding

Mutya and I are close. When Makisig started asking her out, I told her to give him a chance. We're not in high school anymore, and maybe this time, the relationship would work.

I was one of the first to know that she finally said yes to being Makisig's girlfriend after months of courtship.

We're so close, that she even offered me a spot as one of the secondary sponsors in her entourage for her wedding. She knew, then, that it was too early to be thinking about marriage, but she felt it in her heart that Makisig is the one who she'd be spending her lifetime with.

And she was right.

But what happened was, I was never part of the wedding entourage. And to make it worse, I wasn't even invited to their wedding.

Months after, it was Sweet's time to walk the aisle. 

So how close am I to Sweet?

I was always there, a shoulder to lean on, during her past two heartaches.

I looked after her, and made sure that she makes the right decisions. Cliche as it may sound, heartaches can cloud people's judgment. And I love her so much, I wouldn't want her to screw up her life because she's hurt.

I helped her move on until she finds love again. And she did.

She got married a couple of weeks ago, and yes, I wasn't invited to her wedding. And the worst part? I only knew through Facebook.

Being not invited sucks!

But that's nothing compared to how little they both valued the friendship that we had.

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