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Tuesday, October 11

Borealis/ Australis

P told C that he’s taking him to an amusement park, and oh boy, he had no idea how it made C giggle in excitement,

C:         Hihi. I’m one heck of an adrenaline junkie. :3

            I try to make life less boring. I hope you don’t mind. :3

P:         I don’t.. you’re like a breath of fresh air, babe..

            Your youth rejuvenates me..

 Your energy, it rubs off.. on me..

 I feel vibrant, young when I’m with you..


C:         Wow naman, may ganung effect. Nakakakilig. :3

And C told P that he was “gulong gulong sa couch while kagat–kagat ang throw pillow”


P came in first at the fastfood where they agreed to meet. He was having a quick fix of vanilla sundae waiting. He has halfway through finishing his treat when someone tapped his back,

            P:         Oh, hey there, babe!

            C:         Hi!

            P:         OMG… you wore a striped shirt din? Hahaha! Para tayong nag–usap:

P = scheduled, planned

He usually arrives in a meetup before C does; and prefers to stick to the plan.

P = kill time inside a coffee shop while reading a book, movie marathons, long & mindless walks, snuggling

He prefers laid back hangouts, just the two of them, talking about anything. Or if he doesn’t feel like talking, he would just purr and lay his head on C’s shoulder and cuddle.

C = spontaneous, spur of the moment

He takes his time when he does things. He asks P to hangout on a random day at a random time.

C = Clubbing, drinking sprees, random roadtrips, fun & exciting activities, photoshoots, go–sees

Kaladkarin is an understatement. He does things by instinct/ gut feel.


He invited P to play DoTA, but P was tired when he arrived so he just watched C and his friends. Afterward, they hanged–out at a nearby coffee shop. Friends of C’s friend suddenly arrived and asked: “Tara! Road trip! Tagaytay… We’ll be back before 6 AM. Sama kayo?” 

C's eyes sparkled at the thought of it; he was staring, smiling at P as if waiting for him to answer for the both of them,

P:         “I’d love to, but I can’t. I’ve work tomorrow at 8AM”

C:         “I’m sorry guys, we can’t. May pasok pa kasi sya eh.”

But if P wasn’t there, C would probably go on with the trip.


They may think differently, they might not agree on some things, they might have a different idea of what fun is.

But “opposites attract,” they say… Maybe that’s why they clicked in the first place…


Two hearts together, we're a harmony so right
Two sparks united, we're a fire burning bright
For that you're always brand new
Right from the jump we had a hunch
That we had everything

Perfect combination
Lovers you and me
A perfect combination
We couldn't ask for any better

~Passage, Perfect Combination


Ms. Chuniverse said...

Aynaku, natagfuan na ang fountain of youth. hihihi! chos! :)

charles. said...

The gulong effect never fails to make me chuckle. Now it's “gulong gulong sa couch while kagat–kagat ang throw pillow” Sorry, your kilig moments are too much for me to bear. haha!

Anonymous said...

That rule, sadly, doesn't apply to me.

Nate said...

@HRH Queen Chuni: trulili, madam!! hahaha!! surround yourself with a bunch of energetic, vibrant youngsters.. nakakahawa ang energy, carefree spirit, at happy disposition nila.. :)

it made me realize, ang sarap ng pala ng feeling to break free and be spontaneous.. basta lang i-set ang limits.. :)

@charles.: hihihi.. i'm happy to know that it makes you chuckle.. :) gulong-gulong FTW!!!

please bear with me, kasi mas marami pang kilig moments coming up.. lol

@jerro: aww.. :( but that's ok.. whatever rule applies to you, go! whatever makes you happy, go! suportahan ta ka!! :) how's it going with Rue, btw?

Nishiboy said...

+1 to grammarkiller

Nate said...

@Nishiboy: ah tlga? hmm.. so dapat completely compatible ang drama? ganyan?

iya_khin said...

napapakanta ako sayo....perfect combination lovers u n me a perfect combination....ayiiii parang kinikilig-kilig ako! hehehe

Nate said...

@iya: hahaha! napapakanta ka ba?? :P

린코 said...

omg, kayo na ang mahilig gumulong gulong. rolling in the deep. :P

Nimmy said...

Eeeeeeeee! Alam na! :D

Nate said...

uu... prng adele lang ang peg... :)

@nims: hihihihi... :)

Anonymous said...

ACHUS. Can't wait to meet C na tuloy. Nyemas na planning for meet-ups yan di matuloy-tuloy! Nakakatawa pag unplanned na nagkakapareho yung outfits no?

Nate said...

@ayla: uu.. he's actually excited to meet you.. uu nga eh.. ahahaha! :P ang kulet lng.. naging nosy tuloy ang ofcm8s, thinking na nag-usap tlga kame na mag-striped shirt.. :P

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