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Wednesday, October 12


P worries a lot and admits to being a paranoid.  And, as how one blogger wrote in his latest post,
“my worries weakened me. You're right.”

This was it… P & C had an argument; or maybe it was just P who thought there was…

P:         sorry, work stuff is stressing me out. Sige, ako na nga overreacting..

            i love you, and you can sleep now..

C:         just so you know, you’re not the only one stressed out. Don’t take it out on me.

            Don’t even bother. I’mma turn my phone off. I’ll be hibernating from now on.

P:         i love you..

            and I’m sorry.. :(

P isn’t sure if that last message reached C. Then he thought, “Hibernate? But until when? How long?”



If I’m of no use, then please do tell
So I won’t worry if your voice no longer reverberates
‘Cause if you’d deafen me with your silence,
Then I’ll break...

Deafen me with your silence… and I’ll break.


RoNRoNTuRoN said...

somehow, nalungkot ako sa fragment na ito. kahit d ko kilala yung mga involved. :(

charles. said...

aww. no gulong gulong moment for now. i know you'll be able to work things out, kayo pa! :)

Wicked Writer said...

Ooops sad :(

citybuoy said...


Nate said...

@Ronron: hi fwend! :'(

@charles.: yah.. no gulong gulong.. :(

@Wicked Writer: it is..

@Nyl: :'( *sighs*

ahmer said...

hello nate, gulong gulong na! =)

Nate said...

@ahmer: oh hey there!! thanks for dropping by! and yes, back to gulong gulong moments ulit.. :)

i will try to post something later.. :)


Don't worry too much. Hibernate lang pala eh. Lalabas din sa lungga yan. Trust me. ^__^

tim said...

I wan't able to get the idea abruptly. But now i got it!

eon said...

You guys back to being sweet?

pointlessparanoia said...

Minus the emoness of this post, I love the use of the word "deafen" in relation to everything. "_"

iya_khin said...


Nate said...

@eon: i'll answer your question on the next post.. :)

@iyah: aww.. affected?? :/

saylala said...

Wag masyadong matagal ang pag-hibernate, yung mga panda and bears nga di ginagawa yan ng madalas kayo pa kaya. Hugs Nate!

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