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Thursday, October 20

Sweet Nothings 6 – Of Music and Lyrics

P & C both share an interest in music. In fact, they would send random text to each other and put some lyrics on it.

C:         “Kay tagal kong sinusuyod ang buong mundo, para hanapin,
Para hanapin ka. Nilibot ang distrito ng iyong lumbay,
Pupulutin, pupulutin ka.
Sinusundo kita, sinusundo.
Asahan mong mula ngayon pag–ibig ko’y sayo.”

P:         “I love the way you love me..
Strong and wild
Slow and easy,
Heart and soul
Soul complete,
I love the way you love me..”

C:         Ay. Umo–old school? :3

            Hehehe. :*

P:         Hihihihi… :*

            Ganun tlga..

One afternoon, P received a text from C,

C:         I’m going out with a lady friend. We’re going to a karaoke bar near my turf. :3

P:         :)
            Ok, have fun! You deserve to enjoy. Pambawi man lng sa haggardness mo..

            I love you! :*

C:         Yep! :3

            And she deserves to enjoy din, katatapos lng ng finals nya eh.

P:         Oh wow! Good for her! Tama yan, unwind and sing your heart out..

            Tell her I said hi.. :)

C:         Alrighty, hihi. :*

P:         :*

C:         Award, through the fire agad ang kanta naming! :))

P:         go!!! :) sing me a song, babe.. text me pag turn mo na.. I’d like to hear you sing..

C:         Eto na.             

And so P called him…
P:         You’re turn na?

            C:         Yup!

And C sang his heart out indeed, and P closed his eyes and listened. After the song,

            C:         Ok na ba yun, babe?

P:         Oo naman, ok na ok..

            C:         Sige, babe… Tama na yun ah.. Nakakahiya…

P:         Hindi noh.. Nu ka ba?! Oh siya, bye na…

            C:         Bye!

After C hanged up, P went back to his work station, a bit teary–eyed. It’s not like every day that someone sings a song dedicated to him. In fact, no one’s ever done that for him.

Adele's Someone Like You...


charles. said...

Morning whatever P means! If there's one thing I'm really looking forward to reading everyday, it's the episodes of the Sweet Nothings series. :)

Grabe lang, parang compulsory na 'yung kilig factor sa mga posts mo! :P

Ako Si Lira said...

cheesy morning! kainggit naman.. LSS tuloy ako ke adele!

Leo said...

Dapat, gawa kayo ng eksena na parang Glee! Musical chembulartik!

Kayo na talaga. :)

Nate said...

@charles.: hahaha! good morning to you too! :) i'm happy to know that bumebenta ang Sweet Nothings series.. thanks for being a fan! :)

@lira: hey there! good morning to you too! na-LSS ka ba? hahaha! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! :D

@leo: hahaha! kame na!! kame na tlaga!! napa-tumbling ako.. wahaha! Glee Musical chembulartik FTW!!! ang kulet nyo lang ni ronron, ang dami nyong alam na terms..

ronron's chenelarp and your chembulartik are now added to my dictionary.. :P

happy birthday nga pla!! :D

kuri said...

thanks sa compliment! salamat din sa pagbisita sakin nate!

have a great day ahead!

Nate said...

@daddy kuri: oy!! you're welcome! and, thanks for dropping by! :)

Wicked Writer said...

P and C never fail to make me giggle :))

citybuoy said...

Awww... how sweet! :) adele is love.

Nate said...

@Wicked Writer: awe.. shucks.. i'm glad P&C's sweetness has that kind of effect on you.. thanks for the comment! :)

@Nyl: hihihihi.. and yes, Adele is love.. :)

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