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Saturday, October 29

Prompted & Penned

So kamusta naman?! Bigla akong na-inspire na sumulat ng tula.. And since, nakatulong ang Magpie Tales sa mga prompting prompting, ayun, ginanahan akong magsulat... As in, literal na handwritten, ganyan... Ang hirap na magsulat; dahil dyan, sumakit ang kamay ko. Di na ako siguro sanay, kasi mas madali nga naman na i-type nalang sa computer.

Anyway, C, this one's for you... Sana, magustuhan mo; here goes... (Pagpasensyahan mo na ang penmanship, ewan ko lang if readable)

Page 1

Page 2


So for the benefit ng mga napangitan sa sulat ko... Eto, mas readable... :P

If I should write, then I would
            About how I started to write, way back
            About gloomy, stormy weathers
            About how my mind fades to black 

If I should write, then I would
            Of downpours from the sky
            Of a baller, a fairy godmother
            Of talking to the moon, while I cry

If I should write, then I would
            About how beauty withers
            Of life without regrets
            Of moving on and de–clutters

Then, you came into my life 
And it changed a lot of things 
Days are more colorful
Sweet little gestures have meanings

If I should write, then I would
            Of honeyed words that are cheesy
            Of cupcakes and boudoirs
            Of all the things mushy

If I should write, then I would
           Of sunsets and dreaming
Of sleeping and lullabies
           Of morning and waking

Two months have passed, indeed
With you here by my side
And you gave me more reasons
To breathe again, to live, to write 

Now, if I should write, then I would
           Of tiny moments that swept me off my feet
           And of how in my heart, it is you…
That I would cherish and keep

Thursday, October 27


25th of my birth month, when you asked me and I said yes.

25 days of abstinence, to prove that a relationship isn’t just about making love.

25 hours, when I timed this blog entry to be posted

Since you and I love music and singing, I tried to find a song that would suit the occasion; a song that would pretty much capture what I have to say. I stumbled upon this song from Blush, and it goes a little something like this:

I love him, I love him, I love him
And I don't care what nobody says
He is mine all mine
Find more similar lyrics on And I am his
I love him, I love him, I love him
And everything in me says don't fight it
When I look into his eyes I know we will be undivided 

Everybody needs to find their someone…

Mahal Kita
Mein Tumse Pyaar Karti Hoon
Wo Ai Ni


Happy 2nd Monthsary, C!

Yours forever,


Monday, October 24

On A Ride Home

"So after a lazy coffee break by the bay, we decided to head back to our turf. I just realized how much it sucks when both of us didn’t own a car, because instead of spending time with him, I get stressed out by the traffic.” -C


He went in first, then took my hand
And helped me get a seat
He locked the door, my hand he clasped
A gentlemanly manner, a chivalrous deed

I leaned on his shoulder, he smiled at me
Then his head, he tilted on mine
His sighs of euphoria, I’ve felt and heard
Oh how Time passed as we traveled by

A view of the city on my window
His sweet, serene demeanor
On the rear view mirror
I see

On the right side mirror
I could see myself smiling
At the sight of me resting on him,
And him resting on me

The traffic is awful
As I looked on the windshield
He’s irritated
Though this he silently said

But I guess it could help
To buy us time
And spend a moment together
To cuddle, and snuggle, and rest

The kind driver dropped us off
By the corner of a street
Where a jeepney would take us
To a place not far

I would’ve drove for him
As he would for me
But I guess that’s what happens
When neither of drives or owns a car 


~my entry for Magpie Tales

Sunday, October 23

Boyfriend Duties

Tracking Device (GPS)

            Being the spontaneous person that he is, it’s better to know where C’s at. Believe me, one moment C’s on duty and on another he maybe out partying at Tides, or Republiq, or 7th High, or at some who–knows–where club where he’s guest listed.


Whenever they’re apart, texting is their way of communication.

Alarm Clock

             C would text P to call him & wake him up so that he could prep for work; be it a day shift duty, a night shift duty, a go–see, or a photo shoot.

Dora’s Backpack

             Whether it is a pocket mirror, oil control film, isopropyl alcohol, mint candy, or medicine kit, it’s all in there just in case.

Coffee buddy

            Depending on the coffee shop, C loves to get a fix of either coffee or tea, and some cake.

Teddy Bear

            I’m not sure if P is huggable, but C loves to hug P whenever they cuddle; and P’s not complaining. Hug away, C. Hug P all you want.

Play mate

            P & C loves to play DoTA, walang pinipiling araw. They play whenever they feel like it.


            They try to talk all night, whenever they can; asking how each other’s day went.

Sleeping Pill
photo from here

            If C had a rough day and couldn’t sleep, P would call him. His voice and his lullaby song could help take C to Dreamland in no time.


            The list goes on, but P doesn’t care. For C, he’d be anyone & be anything he wants him to be… That’s how much P loves C.

“I'll be your crying shoulder,
I'll be love's suicide
I'll be better when I'm older,
I'll be the greatest fan of your life.”
~Edwin McCain, I’ll Be

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