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Tuesday, November 29

Not A Happy Story 2


“Babe, he was the friend I was telling was telling you that may lovelife issues. I honestly don’t have anything to do with him. Anyways, can you just go here, like now. You shouldn’t be crying. C’mon let’s have dinner”

I don’t even know if I’d buy that. Basta iyak ako ng iyak na parang timang. He’s incessantly calling me. Ayokong sagutin. I wouldn’t want him to hear me crying. He stopped calling for a while, then he sent me a text.

He was planning something daw for our monthsary.

(F*ck that! I’m not buying that sh*t.)

He wanted to surprise me for our monthsary, by showing up in front of our house. But after what happened at the tea shop, I dunno. Surprise? Being awkward with his friend? Where’s the surprise in that?

Yeah, I’d go for surprises. But I won’t mess with feelings. Remember, how I was supposed to quarrel with him as part of the drama for the surprise party for his birthday, but I didn’t go with it? It’s because I don’t want him feeling shitty, even if it’s just part of the drama.

But this is different. Nasaktan ako sobra. Hindi siya magandang drama, kung drama man ‘yon. Pero mukhang hindi nga drama.

Meeting him with the guy friend isn’t part of the drama. So ano pala yun?

I told him I have a surprise for him too, and I was supposed to tell him dun sa tea shop. Apparently, hindi na nangyari yun.

He called me up, annoyed, telling me to meet him at the coffee shop where were supposed to meet with Lady in Black.

“Can you just please go here. There’s still an hour left to fix this. C’mon or should I just go barging in your house???”

Should I go? I’m torn.

Tengene naman kasi eh!! How could he cheat on me? On the eve pa of our monthsary? Heartless.

“You should’ve at least answered my phone. I was planning to surprise you outside your house but I guess that’s not gonna happen.

And also, why would I even think of cheating? Its our f*cking monthsary and now its shit.

Thank you.”

I told him what my surprise was… ending it with,“now I feel like crap, thank you din.”

He wanted me to sneak out and meet him.

It’s almost 12 in the morning (or about 11 at night), and my mom’s in the house. How am I supposed to get out of the house? But I tried and made up an excuse,

“Mom, may bibilhin lang ako ah…”

I hailed a cab and told the driver to fly, if he must, to the coffee shop.

I went inside the coffee shop, there he was.

“Hindi ka ba uupo? Umupo ka dito.”

I hesitated.


I sat beside him, but left a space in between.

“I hate you. I almost cried when I was in the trike. I didn’t think that you would accuse me of cheating be. Nahurt ako. I tried to smile it off.”

“Sino ba kasi yun? And why were the two of you awkward when I arrived?”

“Awkward? Hindi naman ah?”

“You were! The both of you were! Naramdaman ko. Hindi mo ba nakita, biglang nagpalit ang expression ng mukha ko?”

“Oo, napansin ko nga.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too.”

“Tara lipat tayo.”

Malapit kasi kame sa entrance ng coffee shop, so we moved to a seat na medyo away from people. When we were already seated, he playfully strangled me and poked my eyes with his fingers…

“Kaw kasi eh… our surprises for each other failed big time.”

“Yah, I know.”

After a lip lock or two… or marame… basta yun,

“Oh, here’s my surprise for you.”

He did a cover of a song. He plugged his earphones to my ears and I listened. Kinilig ako ng mga 80%, ganyan.. :P

We cuddled our way till the clock striked 12 midnight.

“Happy monthsary, babe…”

“Happy monthsary..”

A lip lock again.

We parted ways at about past one in the morning. Both of us looked forward to our monthsary.

Sunday, November 27

Not A Happy Story

I was in the middle of composing an email when my phone rang — it was C. “What could it have been that made him call me?” I asked myself. I went out of the room, went near the fire exit and answered the call.

“Yes babe?”

He was asking for directions to a certain tea shop near my place. I’d, initially, tell him to hail a cab, but he wanted to really commute. So after giving him specific instructions,

“Call me when you think you’re lost.”

I’m sure he won’t; it’s just my way of caring.

I received a text from him saying he’s near the tea shop. I let out a sigh of relief. I texted him, asking if he’s going solo, he replied with,

“Prolly. I’ve asked someone to go with me pero baka di siya makapunta so I’ll just sit there, sipping my wintermelon milktea like a boss.”

Since the tea shop is near my place, I decided let him know I’ll drop by,

“I guess, I’ll see you there…”

Then, he replied with something that made me feel a little annoyed,

“Ngek. Ok lang ako. Take your time.”

That’s odd. He’s usually excited to see me. In fact we’ve been talking about hanging out to the said tea shop for a change, since we usually hang out at his turf. I still went on my way.

I went inside the tea shop, and immediate saw C. “Hey there,” I greeted. He looked stunned.

I went near him, and was supposed to give him a peck on the lips, but then he was with some guy. I stepped back.

He stuttered, “Uhm, friend si PP, si friend…” I gave his friend a fake smile. WTF?! I’m sensed an awkwardness between the two of them. Dead air. Then, C broke the ice,

“San ka galing?”

“From the office” (Malamang diba? San pa nga ba? Hindi ba I texted you that I took the Shuttle bus going home?)

“Uhm, Lady in Black called, let’s meet her daw sa coffee shop.”


(Bat iniba ni C ang topic? Why did he suddenly bring up Lady in Black?)

“Upo ka,” said C’s friend, trying to be courteous. In my head, “kung gusto mo kong paupuin, dun ka sa seat na inooffer mo sa akin, and you’d let me sit beside my boyfriend.”

(Tumaas ang left kilay ko ng mga 1 meter ganyan)

Then I said,“No thanks, kanina pa ako nakaupo sa Shuttle on the way here. I want to stand a little bit naman.”

Tengene. The awkwardness between the two of them increased. Now I’m the one who’s starting to feel awkward. Parang hindi dapat ako kasama sa eksena. It’s as if they weren’t expecting me to be there.

And then, yun na… Kinutuban na ako… (Could it be? Tengene… May samteeng sa kanilang dalawa.)

I suddenly felt my body shaking, and feel weak.

C, I gotta go…”

“Oh, akala ko ba we’re gonna have dinner? Let’s go to my turf and meet Lady in Black?”

“No, it’s ok. I’ll just go home.”

“Oh, sige, go home and get changed, tapos we’ll have dinner, ha?”

“Yeah, whatever…”

I walked out of the tea shop feeling weak, my right hand clenching my left chest. Parang dinudurog ang puso ko.

Lutang ang pakiramdam while walking on my way home. Disoriented.

“I’ll call you na lang ha. Let’s have dinner.”

(Don’t call me. I don’t wanna hear from you.)

I told him not to bother inviting me for dinner. I’m already having dinner at home.

“Hala. :( I thought you wanted to have dinner.”

I lied, I’m not eating dinner. I couldn’t even eat. I felt really weak, that I just curled up in bed.

He called. 5 missed calls. Na–guilty. I gave him an attitude via text.

“Well I’m going home na. I wanted to go to your house. But I don’t know where it is…”

May mga kasunod pa yung text, but I’m already tearing up. Hindi ko na binasa yung iba pa. I felt betrayed.


“So are you?” C’s friend asked.

C neither confirmed nor denied. (Bakit? Ok na sana, he could’ve told him I’m just a friend. I would understand. Pero yung hindi nya sinagot yung tanong? OMG…)

Tengene. Was he cheating on me? I think he is… My gut feel tells me he is.


“I’m sorry babe, your friend made me feel really uncomfortable…

I’ve been shaking like crazy since knna pa.. nanghihina ako.. Feels like I wanna cry and faint at the same time.. :(

Oh, and about dinner... hindi ako nakakain...

I only had mango juice.”


Block C in Twitter, done. Block C in Facebook, done.

Block C in my life?

To be continued…

Tuesday, November 22

Getting Married

No, it’s not me… I’m not… or I dunno… Whatever…

Last Sunday afternoon, I was having a talk with my biological younger brother. I was asking how he is, how his girlfriend is, and how the two of them are doing. The girl is my age; my brother is 3 years younger. The girl is looking forward into settling down; my brother wants to further his career, probably travel abroad, or be employed in some country.

“You’re not getting any younger, kuya,” he said, and continued with: “Pag–igihan mo yang saving up, dapat you’re married by age 30.” I gave him a fake smile.

Married… by age 30…

Meganoooonchi?? So dapat pag 30, married na? Ganyan?! NKKLK!! Na–stress akiz.


I was on a meeting yesterday with members of the Board. After the meeting, the “upcoming” Chairman offered me and my mom a ride home.

            UC:                  Is it ok, if I & my son–in–law would take over the Board?
            Mom:               I guess its ok.

They both laughed. I was saddened.

In my head, I was like: “Hanubeh, mudrakels??!!! Bakit mo akiz binenta sa kanila.. WAAAAAH! Bugaw? Ganyan?”

UC’s wife:       My daughter’s coming home from Saudi this January. What do you think? Let’s arrange the marriage?
            Mom:               Pwede naman.. Hahaha! Uso pa ba ang arranged marriage ngayon?
            Nate:               Mom, hindi na.. Hehehe..
UC’s wife:       Naiinggit kasi siya sa ate niya, magkaka–baby na.. Mabait ang napangasawa nun.
            Mom:               Oo nga, I’ve read it Facebook.

(Oha! Ang syala lang ni mother nature… Naka–FB! Kaya super ingat ako mag–post. Di ko siya in–add as friend, tapos tinaasan ko ang privacy settings ko.. LOL! :P)

It was an awkward conversation. Honestly, I would’ve wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. Sobrang nakakahiya.

UC’s wife calls me “anak.”


It was May.

My mom and I were invited to attend the 65th birthday of the Chairman. One thing known to all about the Chairman is that he’s always on time. I left the office three hours before the event, so I could still prep up. Attire: Formal.

Black Suit
White long sleeves polo
Metallic Dark Brown tie
Black slacks
Black dress shoes

When I arrived home, I hurriedly prepped up, donned my formal wear, and tried to look as sharp and dashing as I could. Ako na! Lolz. :P

My mom and I arrived at the place early. And yes, the Chairman and his family are already there. After a few pleasantries, I looked around and took photos:


Mom and I looked for our table number, and we were ushered to our seats near the stage:

 A couple of minutes after settling down on our seats friends, family friends, and long time acquaintances arrived and greeted us.

            Mom:               Good evening, amiga.
            Amiga1:           Good evening, and it’s nice to see you here.

They did the usual beso–beso…

            Mom:               Oh, you remember my son Nate?

She motioned me to come closer, and greet her amiga.

            Nate:               Good evening, tita.

After I kissed her hand, and she did a beso. (Muntik na nga akong magmano, lolz. :P)

            Amiga1:           Oh, Nate, is that really you?
            Nate:               Yes, tita, this is me.
            Amiga1:           Look at you, a fine young man. You’ve grown up so fast. And, must I say, ang
gwapo–gwapo mo.
            Nate:               Ay, thank you, tita.
            Amiga1:           Amiga, ang gwapo–gwapo pala ng anak mo.
            Mom:               Thank you, amiga.
            Amiga1:           May girlfriend ka na ba, hijo?
            Nate:               Ay, no po, tita. I’m single.
            Amiga1:           Good! Wag basta–basta maggu-girlfriend ha? Pumili ng mabuti. Maraming babae
dyan, pero pumili ka ng maganda at mabait.
            Nate:               Haha. Ok po, tita. I’d take a mental note of that.
            Amiga1:           Oh sige, hijo. It was nice meeting you.
            Nate:               Pleasure is mine, tita.
(Wag kayong maniwala dun kay Amiga1, exag lang sya… Hindi ako gwapo… :P)

After a few minutes more, another somewhat kumare of my mom arrived…

            Amiga2:           Hello, how are you?
            Mom:               I’m fine, mare. How about you?

As usual, beso–beso…

            Amiga2:           I’m good, thank you. I’m with my husband. The kids can’t come because they
have classes pa early tomorrow.
            Mom:               Oh ok…
            Amiga2:           How about you, mare? Who are you with?
            Mom:               I’m with my son. Nate, anak, come here and say hi to your tita.
            Nate:               Tita, good evening.
            Amiga2:           Nate? Ang laki mo na! Wow! Ang guwapo–guwapo mo.
            Nate:               Thank you po, tita.

(Kung maka “guwapo” naman si Tita… WAGAS!!! Hindi naman kaya…)

And then, the dreaded conversation started…

            Mom:               Excuse me, mare.. Anak, I’ll just say to my other kumpadres and kumadres.
            Nate:               Ok, mom.

My mom left me, to talk with this amiga of hers which I haven’t met for a long time. In fact, I only have a few memories of her…

            Amiga2:           So, Nate, hijo… Are you still in school?
            Nate:               Ay, no tita. I may only look younger than my age, I’m working.. For about 5
years now..
            Amiga2:           Oh really? Baby–faced ka pa rin.
            Nate:               Haha, why, thank you tita.
            Amiga2:           So, you have a girlfriend? Did you bring her here? Where is she?
            Nate:               No, tita. I’m single.
            Amiga2:           Oh, really? Sa gwapo mong yan? You should’ve been married by now.
(Ganun? So pag gwapo at nasa age ko, dapat married agad?!! NKKLK!!)

            Nate:               Si tita, talaga. Haha.
            Amiga2:           How old are you na ba, Nate?
            Nate:               I’m 25, tita.
            Amiga2:           Oh, 25.. and working for about 5 years now? Pwede ka ng mag–asawa.

(Tengene. Muntik ko nang sabunutan ang intrimitidang amiga ni mudra…)

            Amiga2:           I was married at age 23. By the time I was your age, may dalawang anak ako.
            Nate:               Tita, but marriage nowadays is not as easy as you think. The wedding alone
would dry up your savings, plus kids? Tita, mahal na magpalaki ng anak ngayon.
Hindi lang naman basta iluluwal ang bata, tita.. There are formulations, meds,
vaccinations, diapers, college tuition, and what have you.
            Amiga2:           Oo nga ‘no? Oh well… pero come to think of it, you’re not getting any younger,
hijo… Pumili ka ng babaeng mas bata sa ‘yo…
            Nate:               Ganun po ba, tita?
            Amiga2:           Oo, para she won’t have trouble conceiving and giving birth.

(OMG! Conceiving??! Giving birth?!! *dies*)

            Nate:               Sige po, tita, I’ll keep that in mind.
            Amiga2:           Sige, hijo… I’ll move around and found our seats.
            Nate:               Sige po, tita.


I guess it’s too early to tell if I’d ever end up like Kuya Josh or not… And if ever I will, eh kanino naman kaya?

I guess that would be another blog entry.

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