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Saturday, November 5

On a Random Day

Uhm, so, I’m not gonna tell you where Starbucks got its name. What this is about is just random stuff that happened yesterday…

I was in the zone, and replying to emails when an IM popped on my screen. It was from Sweet:
Sweet (11/3/2011 9:32:50 AM): Starbucksss!!!
Nate (11/3/2011 9:33:02 AM): ay uu...
Nate (11/3/2011 9:33:16 AM): planner..
Sweet (11/3/2011 9:33:56 AM): Yah! Haha nsa SB ako ngaun :P meron n ko 1 sticker. :D
Nate (11/3/2011 9:34:01 AM): :D
Nate (11/3/2011 9:34:18 AM): adik ka lang..
Nate (11/3/2011 9:34:23 AM): :P
Sweet (11/3/2011 9:35:49 AM): Haha oo nga eh, kainis! Haha ang aga2 nandito ako. Wahaha
Nate (11/3/2011 9:35:55 AM): :P
Nate (11/3/2011 9:35:58 AM): okie lng yan..
Sweet (11/3/2011 9:37:15 AM): Haha mag-isa lng naman ako. Ha ha

K. Fine. Siya na!! Siya na ang excited!! Apparently, Fairy Godmother passed by and noticed that I was smiling...

            Fairy Godmother:       What’s that? Why are you smiling?
            Nate:                           Nothing.
            Fairy Godmother:       Weh? Ano ba yan kasi?
            Nate:                           My friend. She’s at Starbucks right now, and she has her first sticker na.
            Fairy Godmother:       Oh my gosh! For the planner?
            Nate:                           Yup!
            Fairy Godmother:       Tara!
            Nate:                           Anong tara? What do you mean by tara?
            Fairy Godmother:       Starbucks! Now na.
            Nate:                           Well, in case you haven’t noticed, malayo pa ang lunch break! Kaloka!
            Fairy Godmother:       Edi mamaya. Early lunch oout?
            Nate:                           Oh no… Gastos…
            Fairy Godmother:       Ang arte mo! Sumama ka ah…

When the clock struck 11 AM, I could see her approaching my workstation:

            Fairy Godmother:       Tara!
            Nate:                           Mmmk. Fine!
            Fairy Godmother:       Uhm, daan muna tayo Medical City ha? Drop me off, then, ipa–
derecho mo nalang yung cab to Galle from there..
            Nate:                           Okies.

While I was prepping up, girl officemate also approached us…

            Girl Officemate:          Did I hear it right? You guys are going to Medical City
            Nate:                           Uhm, me? No. But Fairy Godmother is.
            Girl Officemate:          Anong gagawin mo dun?
            Fairy Godmother:       Puntahan ko lang si dad ko.
            Girl Officemate:          Oh ok. Can I join you guys? I wanna have my eyes checked eh. Masakit
kasi, since yesterday.
            Fairy Godmother:       Ok.

And off we went to our respective destinations.
After dropping them off to Medical City, I asked to cabbie to go Galle. On the way, I called up Sweet and asked her where she was. She said she was at Mega. She wanted me to go there, instead of Galle. But I promised my officemates, I’d wait for them at Galle so we just talked over the phone.

Inside Galle, I tried to figure out how I’d kill time while waiting for my colleagues. Ano nga ba pwedeng gawin? Malamang, dahil nasa mall ako… so SHOPPING. This is what I hate. Kung kelan naman kasi kelangan magtipid tsaka naman nagyayang mag–lunchout ang mga kumag.. Hais..

So yun.. Shop. Shop. Shop. (I’ll prolly make another post for this)

When I’m done buying stuff, tumambay muna ako sa may MovieWorld. I called Sweet and she told me about this former student of hers from her previous work, who is kind of turning to be her admirer. Ok, this is not a student – teacher love affair. Sweet previously worked for a company who teaches English to foreign students online.

After almost an hour of waiting, my colleagues arrived.

At ang pinaka–classic na dilemma, “San tayo kakain?”

No to KFC, coz F.G.M. was there with her hubby 2 days ago.
No to Greenwich, coz there are no available seats
No to Pancake House, coz chairs aren’t comfy said G.O.
No to Pizza Hut Bistro, I can’t remember why… ahahaha! :P

Until, finally, “Let’s just go to Max’s, alright?” I suggested. And both of them agreed. “Oh, wait.. I thought you don’t wanna have chicken for lunch?” I asked F.G.M. “Ok lang, basta hindi KFC,” she answered.

After being escorted and seated to a table for four people, girl officemate brought out a paper bag.

            Girl Officemate:          Nate, F.G.M. got us something.
            Nate:                           Really? What?
            Girl Officemate:          Basta… Masarap… Open it…

True enough, the delight… is delicious… Taob ang cheese bread nung isang pastry shop na may something red that you tie in a knot with the tag line: “Sinong nag–bake?” (Labo lang.. ahahaha! :P)

I’ve been calling up the partner; but he’s not answering. When we’re about to finish our meal, eto na… I received a text from him…

            C:         Sorry babe. Wasn’t able to answer your calls. Was asleep. Haha. Mwah. Love you.

            P:         It’s ok, babe… I just wanted to check out on you… :)
                        Lunchout kme, max’s rob galle..
                        Have something to eat, then sleep k ulit aftr.. :)
                        I love you too! :*

            C:         Later ng mga 3 na ko kakain. Hihihi. Ang lakas kong kumain. Baka maging little pig na
naman ako. Meyntyen na lang dapat ang 141 lbs ko.

            P:         Oh ok.. nu kba? k lng yan.. I luuurve my leetol pig.. :*

­            C:         Ahihihi. Ganun ba??

            P:         uu.. Mwah! screw paulo avelino!! mahal na mahal ko kaya ang aking leetol pig.. hihihihi.. :*

            C:         Hahaha! Gulong gulong

            P:         hihihi! :*
                        *gave C a hug, rested his head on C’s chest and listened to his steady heartbeat*
                        *whispered softly* I love you…

            C:         I love you babe!!
                        *rolled sideways until he fell off the edge of the bed*

            P:         hahaha! cute.. nahulog sa pag gulong gulong.. :)

After lunch, we parted ways.

F.G.M. and I went strolling while G.O. went to the department store to shop. When F.G.M. got tired, we decided to pass by Starbucks and get our quick fix of coffee. I ordered a new Christmas blend, Cranberry White Mocha Frappe,

and got my first sticker:

I am aiming to get the Oak one.

While sipping from my drink, I received a text from Sweet. She went to Starbucks again and got her 2nd sticker. Plus she got complimentary drinks on her receipt. Who’s lucky? She is!

After getting our drinks, we joined G.O. at the department store. We helped her look for comfy slippers for her daughter. Kamusta naman ang mga bad influence, di ba?! We went back to the office before 4PM.

Back in the office, just when I thought it was a petix day, I was wrong.

Lots of emails to respond to, phone lines are ringing off the hook. 



shenanigans said...

ganyan din nangyari dito.. pag may nakarinig bout sa sticker mag a-ask uli.

ulit ulitan!


Jon said...

the yearly planner promo: a mere sales plot and a moutain of people going gaga. i know ten people who had last years planner pero di naman nagamit. For the sake of "omg, i have the most sought after planner of the year na."

i always ask myself: were their blends really even that good? Nobody really cares - as long as they're spotted hanging around the place.(pay-for-status) haha.

well, that's me. siguro kasi wala akong pambili. wahaha

Nate said...

@Rus: hahaha! lol at ulit-ulitan.. :P

@Jon: tohmoh! sales plot.. ah tlga? pag may planner ako, gamit na gamit sya.. nagiging dairy kasi.. hehehe.. wala akong Starbucks planner last year.. ang planner ko ngayon was a gift from a friend at work.. so parang gusto ko nmn ng planner na from me, not from someone else.. tho' baka i'm just going with the hype at hindi rin maka-complete ng stickers.. i saw this Moleskine planner/ journal at NBS, na-inlove ako.. kaya lang ginto ang price.. ampf! oh well..

and yes, the Christmas blends aren't that good.. :/

Leomer Apolonio said...

'Yang mga gulong gulong na yan ang nagpapangiti sa akin kapag nababasa ko sa blog mo Nate. Keep up the gulong gulong. Hahahaha. :)

Nawa'y makuha mo ang Starbucks planner bago matapos ang buwan! :)


Nate said...

@Leo: hihihi.. trademark na ata namin ni C ang gulong gulong.. wahahaha! :P may isa pang version eh.. i'll prolly post it one of these days..

oh, bago matapos ang buwan? i hope so!! :)

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