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Monday, November 7


"I'm here as always..." ~Traxex, Drow Ranger


The alarm sets off when I'm halfway through doing my laundry. I rushed to turn it off, and call C. (He asked me to wake him up). On the phone,

            P:         Good afternoon, sleepyhead!
            C:         Hmmmm…
            P:         Rise and shine! Wake up na, babe and prep up na for work, ok?
            C:         K…

Poor thing… He had to adjust his body clock for his shift today.



I tried to stay up to keep him company. But around 5:30AM, I dozed off. I woke up from a vibration from my phone. It was from C,

            C:         Can I call?

I jumped from my bed, and immediately called him up...

            P:         Yes babe?
            C:         Hey…
            P:         You ok?
            C:         Yeah… I just wanna tell you I’d be going to sleep now.
            P:         Oh, ok… I love you!
            C:         Love you too…


While he was prepping up for work, I sent him a text message. It was about a dream I had…

Oh, I dreamt of you…

White sand beach, restaurant by the shore… Candlelit dinner… Hawaiian flower garland hanging on our necks…

We sat down, you held my hand and said, “place is beautiful isn’t it?” I smiled at you, and then you kissed me…

For some reason, you stood up, reached for my hand, and tagged me along for a walk along the shoreline…

Tapos nagising na ako


Funny though, I thought why’d he want to stroll first, when we could’ve had dinner instead, and then go for a stroll along the shore afterward.

C was insisting that maybe it wasn’t him in the dream. I told him, it was him; but he doesn’t believe me.

It was C

In the dream, it seemed like he wanted to tell me something. That’s why he wanted us to stroll first. I tried getting back to sleep again in the hopes that the dream might continue, but to no avail.

It was C… But he doesn’t believe me.

            P:         hahaha! ang kulet.. :P
                        I know how I feel when you’re around.. or when we’re together.. there’s this giddy and
floating feeling at the same time..

so yeah, I may be dreaming… but it’s really you in my dreams, and I’m sure of it.. :*

            C:         Hihi. I really need and want to cuddle.

Sadly, C is having a bad day. He isn’t feeling well.


I badly want to hug you right now, but you’re at work. And it pains me that I’m not there, now that you’re feeling shitty.

Cheer up, C! You can count on me. If you need me, just say the words, and I’ll be there in heartbeat. Whatever it is that you’re going through, you know that I’m just here for you.

I love you!

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