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Sunday, November 20

Up A Notch

Nate, Corporate Secretary… sounds serious… and grownup-y…


Yesterday, I was on a meeting with the Board. The “outgoing” Chairman called an emergency meeting. Apparently, there were pressing issues that needs to be discussed. After discussion of the issues, the Chairman expressed his gratitude in working with us, members of the Board, and said that even if it has been a roller coaster ride for everyone, he enjoyed the ride.

The elections will happen in about a week’s time, and the Chairman expressed his concerns. I was stunned at his revelation. He apologized to the next in line for Vice Chairmanship, and said that he hopes it wouldn’t offend him, that he prefers me to be Vice Chairman.

Nate, Vice Chairman… sounds scary…

Members of the board seem to approve of it, and the next in line for Vice Chairmanship gave me a nod. Even if the voice of the outgoing Chairman has power, may elections pa naman… Honestly speaking, I am hesitant in accepting the post, if ever.

I contacted the partner, and informed him about my whereabouts. I asked him if I should give it a go or not.

The partner wanted me to grab the opportunity, and show the Board how good I am.

“Yi, I’m so proud of you!!!”

Hearing that gave me more than enough morale boosts; even made me want to rule the world. :P

Deep inside, though, I’m worried.

The Chairman is 65 years old. The supposed next in line for Vice Chairmanship is in his late forties. I’m twenty six. They say, with age comes experience. I feel that I’m inexperienced and to be handling a post prematurely, could make or break me. And if I would take the post, it would mean that a part of my time will be spent with the Organization.

I told the partner that I would rather choose to keep the Corporate Secretary post and him than take on a higher post and lose him in the process.

I already have too much on plate, and I wouldn’t want to reach the point where I’d have to give up one and choose the other.

What if events/ activities will coincide with our planned dates? What if our spur–of–the–moment activities would conflict with the emergency meetings?

But the partner is supportive, and assured me that he won’t go anywhere, and just be there.

“That’s fine with me. I’ve basically got by on my own. It will be easypeasy for me. :)”


Thank you, C! As long as you’re here by my side, I’m not afraid to face whatever the future holds.

I love you! :*

Cause you bring out the best in me
Like no one else can do
That’s why I’m by your side
That’s why I love you…
~Best in Me by Blue


charles. said...

Congrats, Kuya! Nasa dugo talaga natin ang excellence. Haha!
Supportive lungs ni C. :)

Mac Callister said...

if you think you can do it, why not!!! just do your best and believe in your ability.

you could ask for some advice too, friends or colleague :-)

Désolé Boy said...

That was surely crazy. But congratulations, anyway ;D
wv: proved

Désolé Boy said...

By the way Kuya Nate, I really don't like the new layout of your blog. It's very complicated and a lot is going on left and right. I like the old one. Anyway, just my thoughts. I hope you don't mind. Sabi nga ni Miranda P: The decision's yours. Hehe. Pardon me for being too frank ;D

Nate said...

@charles: hello bunsoy!! thanks!! hahaha.. excellence.. tohmoh.. and yup, C is very supportive.. siya na.. parang 1st lady lang.. lagi sa tabi ko.. *kilig*

@mac: thanks mac! :)

@deebee: awe.. thanks lil bro..

oh, nataranta ka ba sa new layout? nataranta din ako.. wahahaha! sige, either ibalik ko yung dati, or i'll switch to another one.. para maiba nmn..

pero di na dynamic para dika mahilo.. :P

Mugen said...

Congratulations!! :D

Nate said...

@Mugen: kuya joms!! :) may elections pa naman.. so yeah.. but thanks!! :D

Wilberchie said...

Congratz kuya nate!!! ayyyy pak na pak ang promotion!!! winner!!

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