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Friday, November 11

Eleven, Eleven

“Oy, pag patak ng 11:11 AM ah… Talon talon ka, tapos pi-piktyuran kita…” said an officemate. But I’m not silly… Who would do such a thing?? So I waited on my computer, and got a screen capture:

“What’s so special about 11/11? Anong meron?” asked another officemate.

Then I answered, “Uhm, wala naman... Nothing special…” Suddenly something hit me… it felt like a sharp pang on my chest…

November 11 was special… It was my dad’s birthday…

I miss you, dad.



charles. said...

Happy birthday po, Dad ni P!
Smile Kuya, I know he's happy up there na while looking at his son who he has raised very well. :)

I remember that post, kuya. I was in SM Mega, while in the car wala ako magawa, so I wandered in the blogosphere and stumbled upon that post. From then on, yun na yung one of my most favorite blogposts. :)

Nate said...

@charles: aww.. :/ thanks baby bro..

Anonymous said...

Aww hugs para sa 'yo Kuya Nate ;D


Nate said...

@deebee: aww, thanks lil bro..

Other Mary said... dad's was in September. Hope you can rest on a happy memory with him.

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