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Saturday, January 3

Memories: Old and New

Coming home to our house in Rizal always gives me a pinch of pain.

I felt the exact same feeling when I was here last year.

Probably because it brings back memories of my father, and it reminds me that a couple of days after January 1st will be his death anniversary.

But what's good in this house is that I would stumble upon bits and pieces of memories when I was younger--be it photos, drawings, stuff toys, textbooks, and the like.

This time, when I was rummaging through an old, dusty bookshelf, I saw a photocopy of my College Graduation Clearance. My goodness! That was 8 years ago!

My youngest brother saw a much older stuff—my Writing notebook when I was in 4th Grade.

He took a photo:

and posted in online with a caption: 

"Ha! You wanted to be a dentist. Why are you in IT again?"

I thought it was funny, because I don’t remember writing about it when I was that young.

So I just commented with: 

"Look at my handwriting! It looks silly."

It really looks different on how I write now.


Anyway, when we were younger, we wanted to be a lot of things and it may or may not be what we planned or intended to be.

Because people change.

Just recently, my friends and I went on a trip to beach and I could say that it was one of the most fun trips I've had in my life.

One friend even made sure that aside from being fun, the trip also has to be meaningful.

In the evening of that trip, before we drink the night away, we gathered around a bonfire by the beach and talked about our experiences, the things that we're thankful for in 2014, and the plans we have for 2015.

I remember saying that for this year, 2015, I'd try learning a new skill. Although, I'm not sure what specific skill it's going to be. Hahaha! 

After everything that's been said that night, I guess I could conclude that what we are now is a culmination of all the aspirations, the decisions we took, the mistakes we've done, the people we've met, the friends we've made, the books we've read, and the lessons we've learned in life; which all contributes to the memories that we make.

So, cheers to a new year!

Let's make this year count by making new memories.

Wednesday, September 18

Exclusive Sale

I want to an exclusive Toys R Us sale a while ago.

Funny how some people don’t get what exclusive means.

There was a jerk at the entrance of the store, and he’s making a scene.

Doorman:         I’m sorry, Sir. Hindi po kayo pwedeng pumasok. This is an exclusive sale.
Guy:                 Huh? Bakit?
Doorman:         Exclusive nga po, Sir.

But the jerk was persistent in wanting to get inside the store.

Doorman:         Wag na po kayong mapilit, Sir. If you want, we could let you in, but you must have a credit card from either one of our partners: Metrobank or RobinsonsBank–Cebu Pacific.
Guy:                 I don’t want a card. I just want to buy toys.
Me:                  Uhm, excuse me, jerk! Didn’t you get that it’s an exclusive sale? Now, if you                                don’t mind, please step aside coz there’s a long queue of exclusive shoppers                              behind me.

And as the doorman stamped my wrist, I looked at the jerk and showed my stamped wrist.

Me:                   See? Exclusive.

Once inside the store, you’d see a pandemonium. It’s crazy to see a horde of shoppers with carts and carts of different toys, made even crazier with an air of Christmas tunes.

Paskong-pasko na sa store na ‘to.

While my officemates were scattered to where the bags, dolls, toy cars, and jigsaw puzzles are; I was looking on the racks of Uno, Monopoly, and Magic 8 Ball.

Magic 8 Ball.

I’ve always wanted to have one, when I was young. But I think it’s silly if I’d own one right now. I mean, what’s a 28 year old doing with a Magic 8 Ball?

Anyway, just for the heck of it, I tried asking questions… about my twitter crush. *hihihi*

Me:                   So, is it possible na magka-crush sa akin si twitter crush? *shake shake shake*
Magic 8 Ball:      Without a doubt.

Ay, potaena! It made me wanna ask some more questions.

Me:                   Not that I’m a size queen, pero malaki ba yung ano ni twitter crush? I mean, yung you know.. yung ano nya? *shake shake*
Magic 8 Ball:      Better not tell you know.

Chosera. Pa-suspense ang walanghiya.

Me:                   Eeeeeeh. Sige na. Sabihin mo na. Malaki ba yung ano nya?   *shake shake shake*
Magic 8 Ball:      Signs point to yes.

Stupid right?

Anyway, I didn’t buy the thing. I just put it back.

A few toys caught my interest, though:

·         Battery-powered aquarium fishes (the clownfish one looks really cute)
·         Modern Tamagotchis
·         And this thing called a blinking caterpillar:

I know.

I’m weird.

Thursday, September 12

Letters to Romeo

*The blog title is adapted from the movie: Letters to Juliet.

Handwritten letters – it was a means of communication back in the day.

It’s a way of putting feelings, emotions, and/ or thoughts into writing; whether in cursive or in print.

I’ve just finished reading One Day by David Nicholls yesterday, and what I like about the story is that the female protagonist loves to write letters to his bestfriend–turned–lover.

I barely do handwritten letters anymore.

But if it’s a love letter, I think anyone would be compelled to write it by hand.

However, in this digital age, people would opt to write love letters via other means. It could be a tweet, an FB post; or better yet, a blog entry.

I think it would be quite interesting to read letters about those who have found love, searching for love, longing for love, waiting for love, and those who lost love.

Here are a few of them:

A Love Note, by yours truly 
To You, by Leo 
The Breakup, by Babit

I’d like to believe that once in your life, you have, in one way or another, written a love letter.

Care to share it me?

If it’s fine by you, I’ll add your link to the list.

Saturday, June 15

A Change of Ways

"I always try to look for the best in people."

That was what he told a friend, when asked about his way of evaluating a person's character.

It was how he was brought up.

But not so long ago, a turn of events made him question his judgment or the lack thereof.

"Is it still worth it to try and look for the best in people?" He asked himself.

Maybe not.

Maybe it's time for a change of ways --- Naivety off. Malice on. Suspicion on. Guard on. Walls up.

Monday, April 15

You Are Cordially Invited... NOT!

A wedding, for me, is also a reunion.

The ceremony is supposed to bring the people, close to the heart of the bride and groom, to witness their union.

Close to the heart? That's what I thought.

But, recently, I felt more disconnected than reunited.

Makisig and Mutya got married days after my twin brother's wedding

Mutya and I are close. When Makisig started asking her out, I told her to give him a chance. We're not in high school anymore, and maybe this time, the relationship would work.

I was one of the first to know that she finally said yes to being Makisig's girlfriend after months of courtship.

We're so close, that she even offered me a spot as one of the secondary sponsors in her entourage for her wedding. She knew, then, that it was too early to be thinking about marriage, but she felt it in her heart that Makisig is the one who she'd be spending her lifetime with.

And she was right.

But what happened was, I was never part of the wedding entourage. And to make it worse, I wasn't even invited to their wedding.

Months after, it was Sweet's time to walk the aisle. 

So how close am I to Sweet?

I was always there, a shoulder to lean on, during her past two heartaches.

I looked after her, and made sure that she makes the right decisions. Cliche as it may sound, heartaches can cloud people's judgment. And I love her so much, I wouldn't want her to screw up her life because she's hurt.

I helped her move on until she finds love again. And she did.

She got married a couple of weeks ago, and yes, I wasn't invited to her wedding. And the worst part? I only knew through Facebook.

Being not invited sucks!

But that's nothing compared to how little they both valued the friendship that we had.

Tuesday, January 1

By the Terrace

It started to get loud outside—whistles, bangs, booms, and honks.

He checked his phone, and there was a missed call and a text message that said,

            Hey babe! Happy new year! :*
            I love you!!

He tried calling back, but the signal isn’t in his favor. So, he went up to the terrace of the third floor, and was lucky enough that his call got through,

            Happy New Year, babe! I love you!

After the call, he looked up at the sky filled with a display of bright, colorful lights.

And it made him smile.

The last call of 2012; also the first call of 2013, is with the one he loves.

It was the highlight of his night.

Tuesday, December 11


I’ll never forget that day when the 1st Muse showed up on one of our random hangouts.

It was nice to meet you!

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