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Monday, June 20

The Muses

How can my muse want subject to invent,
While thou dost breathe, that pour'st into my verse
Thine own sweet argument, too excellent
For every vulgar paper to rehearse?
O! give thy self the thanks, if aught in me
Worthy perusal stand against thy sight;
For who's so dumb that cannot write to thee,
When thou thy self dost give invention light?
 -Shakespeare, Sonnet 38 (Lines 1 – 8)

In Greek mythology, poetry, and literature, are the goddesses who inspire the creation of literature and the arts. They were considered the source of the knowledge, related orally for centuries in the ancient culture, that was contained in poetic lyrics and myths.

The Muses typically are invoked at or near the beginning of an ancient epic poem or classical Greek hymn. They have served as aids to an author of prose, too, sometimes represented as the true speaker, for whom an author is merely a mouthpiece. Originally, the invocation of the Muse was an indication that the speaker was working inside the poetic tradition, according to the established formulas.

In modern English usage, muse (non capitalized but deriving from the classical Muses) can refer in general to a person who inspires an artist, writer, or musician. – Wikipedia  

I’m new to the Blogsphere. It’s a fascinating world that I’ve yet to discover. It’s like digging for hidden treasure, and during the times of unearthing, these bloggers’ words invoke feelings I have not yet felt and thoughts I have not yet perceived.

The first MuseMugen
            He is articulate. His writing style and his words leave me gasping for air.

The second MuseEon 
            Erotica is an art, as demonstrated by this blogger. His choice of words and his storytelling style (excuse me for the term) titillates the senses. He was one of three bloggers that I’ve seen in the flesh.

The third MuseTristan
            I think it’s self–explanatory.
The fourth MuseSoltero
            His stories sell, and “Ching!” spices them up.

The fifth MuseKane
            His posts give me light on how things are on the Upper East Side. I admire his eloquence.

The sixth MuseIurico
            I admire him. ‘Nuff said. (Hihihihihi…)

The seventh MuseMNO
            I have nothing but high regards to this poet/writer. His poetry always leaves me dumbfounded.

The eighth MuseHRH Queen Chuni
            Grace and beauty took form, and they named her Comtesse Nicole de Lancret. She is the queen enthroned in an intricately designed pedestal; made of gold and adorned with precious gems. Her comical wit transcends all others. Hahaha!

            Ms. Chuni’s blog was, actually, the first one I’ve read. Her posts made me smile. What I actually like about her is that she’s not a snob. She responds to the comments. I would never forget Summertime, where she acknowledged a comment of mine, and was told that she liked how I play with words and she’d want to me be Master of Ceremonies on her much–awaited Wedding of the Century. Hahahaha! :P

The ninth MuseAlter
            Well, as they say, save the best for last. I’ve always admired how he nonchalantly expresses himself through his rants & drunk–blogging. He encouraged me to put up a blog.

To you, my Muses, accept my heartfelt thanks. You have inspired me, in one way or another, to write.


Alter said...

finally nate!

and oh, there's still time to scratch my name out quick! haha.

Midnight Orgasm said...

Yes, finally, finally, finally. Nate, I welcome you in behalf of your other Muses. Thanks for the kind words also.

eon said...

ay, nagblush naman ako, salamat. and welcome to my blogging.

Nate said...

@MNO: aww... thanks for the warm welcome!

@eon: you're welcome! :D

Mac Callister said...

ei,welcome to the blogosphere :-)

Nate said...

@Mac: hey there! Thanks for the welcome and for following...

Kane said...

Hi Nate. We barely know each other but still, thank you for the compliment. Nevertheless, the world is full of brilliant writers (not just bloggers) and it would do you well to read them for inspiration.

Welcome and have fun writing. =)


Ms. Chuniverse said...

Congratulations on your new blog! I am looking forward to reading your blog entries because you are such an interesting commenter.

Hihihi! Pero wait, ako lang yata ang mukhang muse.... yung iba mukhang escorts. char! hahaha! Well, isasama ko na rin sila sa wedding entourage ko.

Mwah! :)

Nate said...

@HRH Queen Chuni: uhm, oo nga noh?? most of my muses are rather manly.. ayaw mo, nun? angat na angat ang beauty mo.. hahaha! :P

Karlie Bradshaw said...

Hi Nate, welcome to blogosphere! I'm technically a newbie too... and I'm enjoying everything!

And what a grand way to kick off this blog! Nice post! ;)

Nate said...

@karlie: aww.. thank you!! and thanks for following..

soltero said...

oh ehehhe..

what can i say....


bwahhaha :P

welcome to the blogosphere and thanks for following!

ching! ( di ako ang original nyan, ung engkantos!)

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