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Monday, June 25


C:         Sumakit panga ko sa shogun burger.

P:         What’s a shogun burger?

C:         Yung sa Tokyo Tokyo.

P:         Oh ok..

C:         Gahahaha. I miss you. Im gonna have a haircut na. Sana bagay.

P:         I miss you too! :*

C:         Hihi. Korean style ulet pagagawa ko. Sana talaga keri ko.

P:         Sana.. *cross fingers*
I love you just the same. Whether maganda haircut mo or not. :*

C:         Hahaha. Kaya kita mahal eh. Kahit anong experiment ko sa itsura ko, keri lang.

P:         :*

(I’m not sure if C intentionally had a haircut for our monthsary.  But knowing, C, this could be one of those random things; like what he just texted. Simple things, but it puts a smile on my face. Kinilig ako syempre, noh?!!)


Happy 10th monthsary, C!
I love you!

Friday, June 22


My shrink told me to sleep
Xanax he says,
Valium I take.
Gulping it deep.

Drifting, drifting
Pupils constrict.
Mellow yellow,
My diary is writ.

It exists.

They exist.

And no, I'm not referring to those who think that they are; just for the heck of it.

I'm talking about those that have been diagnosed, clinically.

It's not an "in" thing, it's not cool, it doesn't add to your individuality.

It's serious.


I hope he's fine.

I hope you're OK.

I pray that all those that I know of are fine.


Believe me, you wouldn't wish it to be you...

Wednesday, June 20

Year One

So, you up for coffee?? Hit me back...

It’s funny how a coffee date that didn’t materialize, would lead to him convincing me to put up a blog. At ako naman si utu-uto, naniwala… LOL! :p

A lot of things happened when I’ve put up this blog:

I found a new leisure – blog hopping,
I had an escape from the hurly burly of work life,
I’ve gained blog brothers,
I made friends,
I met C,

And 14258 pageviews, 125 posts, and 85 followers after, I’d have to say there were no regrets.

With that being said, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the readers, co-bloggers, and C—for giving me reasons to blog. 

Also, it’s comforting to have heard one of my blog muses say, “You’ll never write alone.”


I guess that’s enough for a 1st blog anniversary post.

Monday, June 11

A Box of Keepsakes

It is a delight
of his heart, that thumps
to the rhythm of love
like the beating of drums,

to reminisce on how
tempests were conquered,
with a love that grows
and patience he has mustered.

Through time he has collected
a kiss from an angel above,
a picture of bliss,
a doodle of love,
a cute party hat,
a group of friends,
passes to free rides,
tickets to youth trends.
These memories, they linger
and put a smile on his face;
he chose to keep them stored away
inside a box of keepsakes.

~my entry to Magpie Tales
photo credit: Jean François de Le Motte c/o Tess Kincaid

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