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Monday, June 11

A Box of Keepsakes

It is a delight
of his heart, that thumps
to the rhythm of love
like the beating of drums,

to reminisce on how
tempests were conquered,
with a love that grows
and patience he has mustered.

Through time he has collected
a kiss from an angel above,
a picture of bliss,
a doodle of love,
a cute party hat,
a group of friends,
passes to free rides,
tickets to youth trends.
These memories, they linger
and put a smile on his face;
he chose to keep them stored away
inside a box of keepsakes.

~my entry to Magpie Tales
photo credit: Jean François de Le Motte c/o Tess Kincaid


Yas Jayson said...

You are one of the sweetest boyfriends any man can ever have.

Whenever I feel rejected by this world, I return to my own box of keepsakes and I will be fine in no time.

Nate said...

@Yas Jayson: hihi.. thanks yas! :)

Brian Miller said...

smiles....we should choose to keep the good memories you know....the ones that make us smile when we look back...

Wilberchie said...

ay baka umabot ng 5 pages yung poem ko. BAUL ang peg ng aking keepsakes eh!

Nate said...

@Brian Miller: true! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! :)

@Wilberchie: hey there! ay, gnun ba?! lol! ikaw na may isang baul ng keepsakes.. :))

Old Ollie said...

did coffee fuel this? Great poems sir!

Nate said...

@Old Ollie: yes sir, coffee works wonders.. hahaha! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! :)

Adrian Agonoy said...

but how do I follow people here?

Nate said...

@Adrian Agonoy: hi Ade!! thanks for dropping by! oh, here.. click this link --> Follow a Blog Not on

hope this helps! follow away! :)

charles. said...

I do that all the time, kuya. Being the sentimental that I am. :)

Nate said...

@charles: really? that's nice, bunsoy.. :)

Tess Kincaid said...


Other Mary said...

Interesting name you have; I am caffeinating as I read this, lol. What a sweet piece. I wonder if today's children will have any paper keepsakes like these to put into boxes and look back on?

Nate said...

@Tess Kincaid: awe.. thanks Tess! :)

@Other Mary: hahaha.. coffee is <3 thanks for finding my piece as sweet.. :) i guess the children of today would still have keepsakes, electronic ones.. :)

citybuoy said...

There's something so sweet about hiding things. Like it's how people back then used to do it and it's mroe precious when you don't upload it to facebook. lolz

Marie Nicole said...

I love that we all have a box like that...

Nate said...

@citybuoy: hi nyl! true.. hahaha! :)

@Marie Nicole: yeah.. :) so what does yours contain?

Sue said...

I have a box just like that, thankfully.


Nate said...

@Sue: thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! :)

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