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Wednesday, June 20

Year One

So, you up for coffee?? Hit me back...

It’s funny how a coffee date that didn’t materialize, would lead to him convincing me to put up a blog. At ako naman si utu-uto, naniwala… LOL! :p

A lot of things happened when I’ve put up this blog:

I found a new leisure – blog hopping,
I had an escape from the hurly burly of work life,
I’ve gained blog brothers,
I made friends,
I met C,

And 14258 pageviews, 125 posts, and 85 followers after, I’d have to say there were no regrets.

With that being said, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the readers, co-bloggers, and C—for giving me reasons to blog. 

Also, it’s comforting to have heard one of my blog muses say, “You’ll never write alone.”


I guess that’s enough for a 1st blog anniversary post.


shenanigans said...

happy one year kuya!

Mac Callister said...

Happy anniversary to your blog :- and buti nalang u made this blog atleast nakilala mo ko! Char!

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Happy blog anniversary Natey!

Kita mo, isang taon lang ang tanda ko sa yo.

Hahaha! Chos! :p

Louie said...

Wow. Maghahabol pa lang ako magbasa ng mga entries mo, pero Happy Annive sa iyong blog! :)

Congrats Natey! :D

Mugen said...

Happy 1st anniversary to your blog. Parang kailan lang no? Hehe.

Guyrony said...

For more years of blogging.

I am fortunate to have met you and C.

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey...

happy 1st... cheers to more coffebreaks!

-the geek

Nate said...

@shenanigans: thanks lil bro!! :)

@Mac Callister: thank you Mac!

@HRH Queen Chuni: many thanks, madam!

@Louie: hey there! thanks Louie, ang aking new found friend.. :)

@Mugen: hi kuya Joms! truelili! ambilis ng panahon.. thank you for being an inspiration! :)

@Guyrony: G!! OMG!! thanks for dropping by.. and we, too, are fortunate to have met you.. :)

@the geek: hey there! thanks for the greetings! cheers! :)

Kane said...

Hay Nate ... I always feel a tad sentimental reading about anniversaries, birthdays. I suppose it always brings back memories of other bloggers I used to read, and who are now gone.

They also said they'll always write, but as you know ... one day, you're here, the next ... you're gone.


p.s. it looks like the first year has been kind. Wonder what the next one brings? *grins*

davidrockens said...

Nate, I didn't read blog entry..hehe. My apology.

Pero I loke to thank you for dropping by sa blog ko. =)

davidrockens said...

Ayan nabasa ko na.

I love celebration! Blogging is a form of goodness isn't?

Nate said...

@Kane: aww.. *hugs* and yes, the 1st year has been kind.. so let's how the next year(s) would go.. *grins*

davidrockens: hey there! thanks! :)

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