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Monday, April 30

The Things We Take for Granted

What do we take for granted? And is taking things for granted natural, or a mistake? Or somehow both?
~Jeremy Mason (The Soul Thief by Charles Baxter)

Wednesday, April 25

No Ordinary Love

  From the very first time that we kissed
I knew that I just couldn’t let you go at all
From this day on, remember this
That you’re the only one that I adore
Can we make this last forever
This can’t be a dream
Cause it feels so good to me
So good to me

~MYMP, No Ordinary Love


Happy 8th monthsary, C!
I love you!

Tuesday, April 24


I should be working, but my mind just can’t seem to focus.

My mind’s adrift.

I should do something.

I should read.

     I WAS LYING on the floor of my bedroom, praying to God to save Jamie, whom I adored, from all harm. When I came to, someone seemed to have taken away most of my furniture. I was in a blank space unbounded by dimension or time. The apartment had been almost entirely emptied. A mattress remained on the floor, and one book remained, the Brownstone Eclogues. No: over there, a book of translations of a German poet, whose name disappears on me every time I read it, sits on the windowsill. The rest of my books had performed a vanishing act. I went to the mirror. Coolberg’s face looked back at me. As in a Cocteau film, I fell into the mirror and swam in the glass. (Chapter 28, The Soul Thief by Charles Baxter) 

That was probably the shortest chapter I’ve ever read.

Maybe it’s about time to finish reading this book already; it’s been long overdue.

Hopefully, I'd regain focus after that.

Or not.

I miss you, C.

Thursday, April 12

Sweet Nothings 8 - Of Pickup Lines

You know how pickup lines are, right?

They could either be corny or cheesy. (I don't why there's a reference to food. Nakakagutom tuloy.)

Also, if not delivered properly, it would be an #EpicFail (as how they put it on chwirrer). So, timing is of the essence. Tsaka dapat din, hindi pa narinig or nabasa ng taong hihiritan mo yung particular na pickup line..

P:         babe, apoy ka ba?
C:         Bakit?
P:         kasi, a-lab you.. eeeeee! #corny
C:         Lol. Hahaha.
P:         Hahahah!
 bumenta ba, babe? Hahahaha! :P
C:         Slight. Hahahaha.
P:         Hahahaha! :))
C:         Hihi. :*
P:         :*

(Whew! Buti nalang bumenta... Kahit slight lang... hihihi...)

So after the long weekend, the dreaded “back to work” day came. And when I say dreaded, I really mean it. Phone calls and texts are off the hook. My email inbox is flooding. I was really losin’ it at work, because of the tons of stuff to do. NKKLK.

I paused for a break and checked on chwirrer. Thanks to a certain tweet, naisip kong kulitin si C

P:         uhm, babe?
C:         Yis? :3
P:         tamaraw ka ba?
C:         Bakit?
P:         sabi kasi ng puso ko, tama-raw na ibigin kita.. #cheesyness
C:         Hahaha. Kaloka.
P:         ahahaha! :P
 labyu! :*
C:         Labyu too! :*

Pampasaya talaga si C. Nawawala ang pagod at inis ko.


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