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Sunday, August 21

Of Life and Democracy

Who is this man, whose face is in one of our peso bills, who has an airport named after him, and who has a monument along Ayala to name a few? Who is this man who said that the Filipino is worth dying for?

He is a man of courage; a man of genuine patriotism. He is Ninoy Aquinoand today marks the 28th year of his death.

The documentaries are there, the TV specials, the history books tell the life of this hero who passionately fought for the democracy that we are now enjoying. His love for his country and his countrymen put his and his family’s lives in danger. And on the 21st day of August 1983, the inevitable happened. He was assassinated.

And two years after, a baby boy was born to a farmer’s son and a soldier’s daughter. The couple waited ten long years for this child to arrive. He did. It was me.

I can’t help but be somewhat attached to Ninoy. We have something in common and I somehow feel the connection. But I’m not him. I’m nothing compared to what he achieved and the legacy he left behind. Sharing a significant historical date with a hero, though, has its upsides… Imagine, my birthday is a Special (Non–Working) HolidayHahaha! :P

It’s been one heck of a year for me. A new environment, a new job, a new set of friends, new challenges, new acquaintances. I managed to go through another year with the aid of the Almighty. And for that, I am very much thankful.

So, here's to 26 years of life, 28 years democracy and many more years to come!



the green breaker said...

Happy birthday ulit kuya! :) All the best. God keep you!

Nimmy said...

Naks naman! Happy Birthday Nate!

Nate said...

@joe: thanks baby bro! *hugs*

@nimmy: thanks! :)

iya_khin said...

happy birthday nate i wish you a more blessed life! cheers to you!!!


Buti 'di nahuli ang ang aking pagbabalik sa iyong kaarawan. Happy Birthday, Nate. ^_^

Nate said...

@iya: thanks a lot!! :)

@jerro: OMG!!!! welcome back!! and thanks for the greetings! :)

Jay said...

Nice shot at the 6th floor of Shang. I wonder why I don't see you there.

Let me greet you a happy birthday. You deserve to have a happy birthday. So happy birthday.

Nate said...

@jay: hahaha! right! uhm, i dunno.. maybe i've seen you there, or maybe you've seen me.. oh, too bad i wasn't able to be there on eon's coffee tambay invite.. were you there? let's hangout sometime..

and, thanks for the birthday greetings! :)

Jon said...

tokwa naman oh! ba't hindi ka nagsabee? huli man at magaling, huli pa rin, i know, i know...

maligayang kaaarawan tsong! :0

bien said...

Hello. Happy birthday.
TheGreenBreaker brought me here.

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Happy Birthday Nate!

I wish you nothing but the best. Good health and yummy boylets! Stay happy! :)

Mwah! :)

Nate said...

@jon: it think this is the part where i throw not a minor fit, but a major major one (channeling Venus Raj).. of all people, Jon, it was your greeting that I was waiting for.. nyemas. i waited.. but there's none.. no IM, no email. no nothing. :(

uhm, so ako pa ngayon ang hindi nagsabe?! check your email, darn it! i sent you a message on saturday..

and yes, your greetings are late.. :(

@bien: oh, so my baby brother brought you here, eh? thanks for the greeting! :)

@hrh queen chuni: my utmost thanks, my Queen.. it is with great joy that I accept a greeting coming from you.. And thank you, also, for the wishes! :) *curtsy*

lonewolf said...

Happy Birthday hmm leo ka din :)

i really admire ninoy kasi he is indeed a hero. kasi pwede naman siya magstay sa USA forever and live normal life pero he chose to fight marcos

Ester said...

ay ay ay! sayo na ang korona. kakainggit ang birthday mo kasi walang pasok. ma-fi-feel mo lang talaga at masasabi mong "oie! it's my birthday today!" di tulad ko, minsan sa sobrang busy, nakakalimutan ko nang birthday ko na pala. and i just believe that every birthday is a special day especially to the person celebrating it

Nate said...

@lonewolf: thank you!! yup! i'm a leo!

true, his patriotism burns like no other.. have you watched the documentary last night at abs-cbn? gave me the shivers.. his legacy remains..

@ester: hello there miss! ay, thanks naman.. but the crown belongs to Ms. Chuni.. i'd settle for being a subject.. or pwede ring a courtier.. wahahaha!

tohmoh! benefits yan of sharing a day with a hero.. hahaha! :P

Jay said...

I had work that day so I was not able to attend. Too bad. Let's have coffee sometime.

Nate said...

@jay: oh ok.. sige, let's have coffee sometime..

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