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Monday, August 8

Lil' Bro

Though I have a biological little brother, we weren’t close; maybe because of the traditions from where my father was from. My father was eldest of nine siblings. Back there, the first child’s male offspring shall be called kuya. So, even if my cousins are way older than I am, they call me kuya. My little brother never called me kuya (dahil kaming magkakapatid ang kinu–“kuya”), but I got the hang of it as we grew up.

Because of that, I've always wanted to have a tie-close little brother. An instant playmate. Someone who'd follow my command without questions. Someone who would look up to me (Justy, I suddenly thought of you and your post). Someone who'd call my name, when he needs help. Someone to protect from bullies. A partner in crime. A side kick. An instant ally.

So, to Joe, my little brother here in Blogspace, this one's for you:

This Road is foreboding to this lil' boy’s eyes,
And as unpredictable and unstable as it seems,
A path he chose to take, though he painstakingly resisted
But it’s where he found love; it is where he found peace 

‘Tis music and instruments that bond him and his old man
His mentoring, like that of a king lion to a prince cub
Though to his father’s occasional absence, he blamed the man that he became
But instead of hate, he chose to honor him; instead of loathe, the lil' boy utters love.

“Let not the world despise you for your youth,”
An advice I would give to the precocious young man
“Be carefree, fool around, but learn life lessons as proof
In your heart must reside your dreams, in your mind lay down your plans.”

A bright future ahead of him, a world to conquer at his will
With his broad wings ready to spread out and flap
He has aspirations; he has plans, and a bucket list to fulfill
It turns out, the lil' boy is now a grown–up


Consider this as a gift, unless you really want something tangible... Hahaha! I hope you'll like it... *hugs*

Happy 22nd Birthday, bunso!

-Kuya Nate


Ms. Chuniverse said...

Happy birthday (nakiki) Bunso!

If i were you, i would ask for an iPad2 or something..... tangible.


Nice Kuya!


Nate said...

@hrh queen chuni: ahahaha! madam, ang kulet lang.. hehehe.. shh... baka maniwala sa 'yo si bunso.. :P ay, parating na daw ang iphone4 nya based on his birthday wishlist.. :P

Wilberchie said...

how chwit! hihi!!!

the green breaker said...

Ahahaha! Pwede yun, Miss Chuni. Haha. Kaya lang, I'm not materialistic, kahit na pagbali-baliktarin ang mundo, hindi ako mahilig sa mga regalo. I appreciate stuff, pero I don't long for it..

Kuya Nate. Hmm. I like it, super! May references pa talaga sa aking previous posts.. Natuwa naman ako.. Naapreciate ko sobra, kuya. You never know how much this means to me..and to James na rin.. Thank you very much.. I hope di ako maging pasaway na bunso, or kung ano man.. Maraming salamat. I really, really appreciate the effort you have put up for this. :]


Nate said...

@wilberchie: hehehe... :)

@bunso: hi there! it's nice to know that you're not materialistic.. and yup, may references to your previous posts because that's how i come to know you.. thank you, dahil na-appreciate mo.. i'll make one din sana for james, if ok lang sa kanya.. hihihi..

yes, let's hope na di ka maging pasaway.. pero like i said nga,

"Be carefree, fool around, but learn life lessons as proof"

it's ok to commit mistakes.. and screw up sometimes.. what's important is that you'll learn.. and that you'd put the learnings into good use.. ayt? *hugs*

iya_khin said...

wow ang sweet mo naman maging friend! nakakatouch! teary eyed na naman ako! galing!

the green breaker said...

Kuya Nate, talagang maappreciate ko, nag-effort ka pa talaga dito eh.. :)

And btw, James said he'd be thankful na kung meron man o walang para sa kanya. Hehe. Napakamahiyain talaga ng hubby rockstar ko. :)

Nate said...

@iya: hehehe.. thanks.

@bunso: hehe.. ay, gnun? oh sya, si james na ang shy-type..

glentot said...

Sabi nga nila we choose our brothers daw. Ang sweet mo naman sa iyong napiling brother hehehe

Nate said...

@glentot: tama!! hehehe.. thanks!

shenanigans said...

bunso mo din?

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