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Monday, August 15

Summer's End

It’s the last night of summer,
They bade the shores of the beach goodbye
Both wearing a tan,
They enjoyed the season of fun

Heat, passion, desire,
The doings of the young
“Let’s talk,” said she, to which he agreed
Is it the end of a summer fling?

In the silence of the night, the crickets are chirping,
Melodious to the soul
Resounding in the ears
Almost deafening

Her angelic face, now devoid of emotions,
And her empty eyes staring at nowhere

She’s been like this for hours; it seems like forever by the porch
He feels worried
Was it something he said? Was it something he did?
His heartbeat from slow pace, now thumping

He gazed at her, and then she cupped his face
Tears fell on her cheeks; sobs echoed thru the wall
“I am bearing your child,” the silence she breaks
Oh, when summertime ends, then comes the fall


the green breaker said...

di ko na-feel ang inspiration dito sa pic kuya kaya di ako gumawa ng entry, but this last one, I think gives me more stuff to write on!

Nate said...

@joe: actually nung thursday ko yan ginawa.. dapat nung gabi ko ipo-post.. so yun.. alam mo na.. kaya na-late ako ng post, nag-expire na yung sa widget.. :P

^travis said...

ayokong magbasa ng tula. ayun. i hope you're holding up.

Nate said...

@travis: bat ayaw mong magbasa ng tula?? :(

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