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Thursday, August 25

Muted, Deafened


Misunderstood? Maybe…
But I tried to understand
I’ve to listen, hear you out
Yes, that’s part of the plan

Your voice echoes, I come running
Was that a cry or plea?
I’d be a sponge, a sounding board
A shoulder to lean on; that would be me

And then, you turned quiet
What is going on inside your head?
Soundless days, noiseless nights
And unspoken words left unsaid

If I’m of no use, then please do tell
So I won’t worry if your voice no longer reverberates
‘Cause if you’d deafen me with your silence,
Then I’ll break...

Deafen me with your silence… and I’ll break.

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Pepe said...

sealed lips are often treacherous that sometimes we tend to over-analyze...

maybe what it means now is that it is your time to speak and the other person will listen.

nice work here.

Yehosue said...

Or maybe you came to a point wherein you are tired of speaking and now you not to mutter a single word. But deep inside you are shouting..crying...begging

Ang lungkot nito ah! :(

Nate said...

@pepe: true.. there really is a tendency to over-analyze, even overreact.. i'm trying to speak out.. in fact, i did.. the person, however, didn't react.. so i was left clueless if the person heard or the person didn't care..

it's a really bad feeling to be left hanging, in limbo.. :(

thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! :)

Nate said...

@yehosue: hi crushie! uhm, not yet, but getting there.. :(

Désolé Boy said...

I had the same shoes you're probably wearing now. Of course this is me assuming things, but what I've learned from that f*cked up experience is that always do things that you think are right. Your own standard of what is right, I mean, so that if all things fail, you don't get to blame yourself and you could say proudly at the end "I did what I had to do." It's his problem now.
And it might be difficult to understand in the beginning why after you did everything you still got nothing in response, think that, maybe, that silence is the already the answer/response itself you've been waiting.
Gosh, na-realise kong ang haba na nito. Ako na ang nakarelate. ;p

shenanigans said...

ikaw naman! busy lang daw siya.

wag ka masyado mag-alala.

hindi naman kasi kailangan laging nag-uusap.

may sarili kang buhay, may sarili din siyang buhay

you both have to grow as individuals..

Nate said...

@deebee: aww.. thanks for giving me perspective on things.. i'd keep those in mind! oh, and i think good thing na may nakaka-relate sa poem ko.. :) so, you think this would pass your so-called Blogger's Literary Folio?? hehehe! :)

@shen: oh wow! you talk as if you know..

Wilberchie said...

its like.... you transcribed my lovelife to this poem... SHOCKED

Nate said...

@wil: aww.. ganun ba?! go!! mag-post na about sa lovelife na yan at i-link ang poem ko.. :)

citybuoy said...

I think I get where this is coming from. Silence can be super scary. Like nakaka-paranoid siya.

Nate said...

@nyl: oh you do? uu.. yah, silence is a bit scary..


Whatever it was that caused you to write this lovely poem, be thankful. At least, you were able to create something good out of it. ^__^ Keep on writing.

cosmicglitch said...

Ang ganda ng transition hanggang sa dulo. Hands down ako sa'yo, Nate! :)

Jay said...

Hey, it's been a while, Nate.

This is very impressive. Silence has its own dark side. I love your take on it. As always, you are amazing. I am looking forward to reading more poems.

By the way, please add me on your Goodreads account.

Pointless Paranoia.

Nate said...

@jerro: i, myself, am surprised at how intense feelings invoke words and create poetry.. i guess i'm crazy, like that.. thank you for your really nice words.. the "cause", however, was something not to be thankful for.. but definitely something to learn from..

@jay: yes, it's been a while.. and thanks a lot for finding my poetry impressive! true, silence has its dark side.. yes, more poems from me, hopefully.. :)

oh, and i've accepted your request on Goodreads. :)

Jay said...

Thanks, Nate.

glentot said...

There's something worse than hate, it's indifference. When you hate a person, you care enough to hate them. If you pretend they don't exist, it hurts them even worse. This is what I got after reading the poem.

Nate said...

@glenn: bang! and just like that, you hit the spot.. :(

nOx said...

silence is the worst way to kill someone.

morbid thoughts? charot! :)

Nate said...

@nox: hahaha! :P actually, you have a point there.. and it's not a quick death.. it's a torture.. slow and painful.. :(

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