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Sunday, November 6

Surprise Party

Because he got me something for my birthday, I figured, “why not get him something too, on his special day?” So, it started with an idea, and came through with plan. I connived with his friends to scheme and put up a surprise party for him.

Of his friends, it was Budoy who I thought could be trusted, and so I added him up in Twitter and informed him of the idea. He told me, though, that it would be best to coordinate with the Lady in Black for a plan. Lady in Black is one of C’s closest friends, so I told her about how I plan to execute the surprise party.

LIB said she’s not good in organizing, but she’s good in drama. Well, perfect for the role I was thinking of. “So, what’s the plan?” she asked.

I told her, that I’d make up something that could ignite a petty fight. Or if not a petty fight, I’d give C the cold treatment and not talk to him for about a week or something. Then, LIB would come to the rescue and ask C if would wanna talk about it. LIB would go with C to the 2nd floor of the meeting place. What C didn’t know is that we’ll setup balloons and let his friends wear party hats, and shout “SURPRISE!” when they go up the stairs. Afterwards, when they’re settled on their seats, I would go up, holding a cake, and let him blow it and make a wish. We are supposed to do the surprise party on Saturday night.

Thursday afternoon, I went to buy stuff that I would need:

A gift
Balloon sticks
Party hats

I had fun going inside Toys ‘R Us and looking for the said items. I felt like a kid again.

Come Friday afternoon, I received a message from C saying he has work at Saturday until 6PM. OMFG. I had to make a backup plan. Saturday night isn’t feasible anymore, so I contacted Budoy and LIB to free their schedules and do the party on Friday night instead. C called me and purred, “I wanna cuddle. Now.”

Oh no… I think C forgot that I asked his permission to go out for a drink with my former colleagues. What now? How am I supposed to juggle cuddling with C, having a drink with former colleagues, and a surprise party all in one night? I was freakin’ out

LIB hasn’t returned any of my calls. Unfortunately, LIB has a fever and wouldn’t be able to be there if ever we’d push through with Friday night. I talked to her, and she told me she could still drag C to the meeting place even if he’s tired on a Saturday night. With that in mind, I texted the others that we will proceed with the original plan, Saturday night.

Saturday afternoon, I texted LIB that she needs to work her magic. C’s shift is going to end soon and she needs to tag him along to the meeting place. Whatever drama it is that she told him, it worked. C would just prep up after his shift, and he’s willing to go with LIB. The text was a little something like this:

            yep!tnxt q na xa.told him na rest sandal tas ligo para di zombie kasi DAPAT nya akong smahan sa meeting place.see you. :]

A few minutes after receiving a confirmation from LIB, I received a text from C:

C:         I might be going out with LIB later. I thought you might wanna come along.

P:         go ahead, babe… have your chillax time.. after a long, tiring day, you deserve to relax.. :) I love you.. :*

C:         Alrighty. Mwah.

Night came, and Budoy & I were rushing things at the meeting place. We need to inflate the balloons, manually, prepare the party hats and buy cake. Thanks to help of C’s other friend, we were able to inflate the balloons, stick them on seats, get a cake and have something written on it, get sparkling candles, etc. When were done setting up, we dimmed the lights, and waited for LIB and C to arrive.

            C’s friend:         So, nag–away kayo? Or you gave him the cold treatment?

P:                     Hindi eh. Hindi ko sya kayang awayin… Kahit drama lang yun…
C’s friend:         Bakit naman? Ang hina mo naman…
P:                     Hindi… Ganito kasi yun… so nung nakaisip na ako ng pwede naming pag–awayan, he has been nothing but sweet the whole week, as in! So sige nga, paano ko aawayin yung ganun?
C’s friend:         Kungsabagay, tsaka birthday rin nya, so mahirap nga awayin…

After a couple of minutes, LIB texted that there are already walking nearby. Poor Budoy, he’s getting a bit stressed out, and said the excitement and anticipation is killing him. :P

LIB went up, and when we C saw from the stairs, “SURPRISE!!!”

C:         Bitch! Bitches! Kaya pala…
The look on his face, his smile, they were priceless. The effort was all worth it. I stood up from my seat pulled him towards me, and planted a soft kiss on his lips. I gave him his party hat so that all of us are wearing it:

I went down and asked the crew of the coffee shop to light the candles on the cake and bring it upstairs. The supervisor (or whoever it was) was kind enough to lend 2 lady waitresses to sing the birthday song for C. He blew his candles after the song was sung, and every one had their slice of Chocolate Decadence Cake. And the taste, as how C describes it, was orgasmic.

“Gusto ko mag-yosi,” said one of C’s friends.

“Ay ako rin!” said another.

“Sama ako,” said another one.

“Ikaw, Budoy? Anong ginagawa mo pa dyan? Tara na sa baba! Sumama ka na,” said Lady in Black to Budoy while giving him the bulging eyes stare.

“Ay, oo nga, ako nalang pala ang naiwan,” said Budoy and excused himself. It was just me, C, and the Chocolate Decadence cake:

“Happy birthday, babe,” I whispered to C’s ear and continued with: ”were you surprised?”

“Yes, I was,” answered C. He, then, pulled me towards him and wrapped his arms around my waist. I clung my right arm around C’s neck. We shared a passionate kiss; and made out like there’s no tomorrow.

“Best birthday ever…” C whispered to my ear and went on with “uhm, babe? I wanna… right now…”

Both of ‘em grinned...

***to be continued…


Dear C,

Remember how I told you I would make my own version of a classic poem? I thought, wag na lang. Because on it's own, the poem alone withstands the test of time. I think this kind of poem should remain as is; so here goes...

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.
I love thee to the level of every day's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

~Sonnet 43, Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Happy 23rd Birthday, C!
I Love You!  

Yours forever,



Leomer Apolonio said...

First time ko maiyak dahil sa kwentong surprise. Kaloka. Hahaha.

This is the sweetest Nate.

Happy 23rd Birthday C!

Mac Callister said...

thats so sweet of you...kala ko papalpak e!na tensed ako ng slight nun una hahaha

charles. said...

Pagkagising ko, the moment na nabasa ko ang tweet ni sir Leo, binuksan ko agad ang lappy para basahin. What a way to start my morning! GV kaagad!

Hindi ka ba nauubusan ng sweetness sa katawan? Haha! Anyway, happy birthdaaaay kay C!

"babe? I wanna… right now" - baka tipong make up *** na naman yan ha! imbes na se* ay kit pala! haha.

Raymond said...

Awww. this was a especially endearing post to read. :)

Désolé Boy said...

Happy birthday na lang sa mahal mo. Pardon me, dunno what to say.

Nate said...

@Leo: awe... thanks leo!! :)

@Mac: hehehe.. akala ko rin, papalya.. whew! buti nalang it worked! :)

@Charles: yup!! GV!! uhm, hindi ako mauubusan ng sweetness.. coz i'm inNATEly sweet.. natural lang, ganyan.. chareuse!

@Raymond: thanks for your kind words! and thank you also for dropping by and leaving a comment! :)

Nate said...

@Desole Boy: hi deebee! ayt! i'll tell him.. himala ata, you ran out of words.. :P

Mugen said...

Awww ang sweet mo naman Nate: Effort yun ha! At nandamay ka pa ng mga tropa niya. Di ko kaya gawin yun. Nyahahaha!

Nate said...

@Mugen: hehehe! thanks, kuya joms! sweet ba?? or maybe i've just watched too much TV and movies.. lol. :P

yup! effort.. medyo na-stress ako, pero yun nga.. it was all worth it.. :)

and yes, kelangan kasama ang friends nya.. kahit di ko ka-close yung iba, kapalan nalang din ng mukha.. ganun ata talaga pag mahal mo.. keri gawin ang mga bagay na hindi mo usually ginagawa..

tsaka iba yung feeling na his friends approve of me.. at, walang tatapat sa feeling na nabilib sila that I went out of my way just so I could make the surprise party happen.. :)

i'm sure keri mo yan, kuya.. kaw pa?! :)

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