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Tuesday, November 15

Suprise Party Part 2

Part 1 here


(on the actual date of his birthday)

“Hala where have all the people gone.”

Medyo sad ang lolo…

Maybe… Just maybe… Lady in Black, Budoy, and the others are working on their “drama scheme,” and I think its working.

I actually felt bad for C, that’s why when he tweeted me to hang out with him and LIB at a tea shop, I immediately went. May theme ang meetup na yun actually, dapat naka–pambahay…

Striped yellow gold sando
Black shorts
Flip flops

Thing is, when I went out of the house, the rain poured like crazy. I think the pambahay theme isn’t a good idea. I went back inside, grabbed a cardigan, hailed a cab, and off I went to the tea shop. True enough, nakapambay nga talaga si C and si LIB. We stayed there until the clock strikes 12 AM of the next day.

            C:         Good night babe. Thank you for spending the last few hours of my birthday with me.

Kung alam nya lang na we’ve cooked something up.


“uhm, babe? I wanna… right now…”

“Not right now, babe… Maybe later?” I said. He wanted to open the gift I gave him. Nahihiya kasi ako that’s why I told him na sa bahay nalang nila niya buksan yung gift.

There’s an after–party, but I excused myself. It’s getting late, and I have stuff to do the next day. He walked me to the taxi bay. When a cab arrived, we kissed goodbye, and I went inside. He and his friends went to this bar/ art gallery. Afterwards,

            C:         I just got home babe. Soaking wet.

            P:         aww.. :( dali! Inet ng water then ligo.. tsk!

            C:         Yeah. I took a bath na. Guess what im wearing right now. Muwahahha.

            P:         Hihih. You wore it na?

            C:         I tried it on. Hihihi.

            P:         mmm.. sexy.. :* does it fit?

            C:         Fits like a glove babe. Should we ‘christen’ it? Muwahahaha.

            P:         kaya nahiya ako kgbi.. juu remember, I told you na wag mo open muna yung gift ko sayo?? Hihihihi.. bka kc may masabi ang friends mo.. *blushes*

            C:         Hindi naman no haha. Natuwa nga sila eh. Nainggit pa.

            P:         OMG. You opened it with them around? *wants to evaporate* nahiya naman ako..

            C:         Uu haha. Hindi kaya nakakahiya. They think it’s sexy. Hihihi. We’re sexy and we know it.

It’s good to know that C liked his gift. He even took a photo of himself wearing only this:


Ms. Chuniverse said...

Hahaha! I have an underwear exactly like that!

OMG.... tomboy na akez?

Belated birthday greetings to C!


Nate said...

@HRH Queen Chuni: tlga madam?? hahaha! :P cge, i'll tell C that you greeted him.. :)

charles. said...

NKKLK ang comment ni Miss Chuniiiii!

Haha. Nabati ko na si C dati, kaya good morning na lang! :)

Nate said...

@charles: uu nga eh.. ahahah! :P atleast, the style i picked for C, ay pasok sa style ng royalty.. lol.. :P

hahaha.. sige, sabihin ko kay C ang morning greeting mo.. :)

Anonymous said...

Bigayan ng underwear ang drama! Belated happy happy C! (Like the new theme)

Nate said...

@ayla: hahaha! yup! bigayan ng undies.. and it looks good on him..

sige, i'll tell C.. :)

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