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Tuesday, January 24

Silent Cries

No matter how we have been hurt by the people we love,
Love them anyway…

A text message from a friend who didn’t know what happened.


Samahan pa ng emo songs sa canteen kanina during breakfast:

Broken Vow
To Where You Are
How Do I Live

That last song hit me the hardest.

I hurriedly went to the men's room, went to the farthermost cubicle, locked it up, put down the toilet seat cover, sat down, covered my mouth with a hanky, and cried.

Silent cries.


To groan, silently, while in agony for a good couple of minutes.

Ayoko na…

Ang sakit sakit na…

Ayoko na umiyak...

I just wanna feel numb.



Leomer Apolonio said...

Just feel the pain for now. You have to, so that you can feel better afterwards.

It shall pass, Natey.

eon said...

really sorry to hear about it NAte.

ıǝɹɯɐı said...

i believe that in crying everything out, the burden will lighten.

Anonymous said...

All I can text you now are sad faces. Because more than anything else, your sadness is also my sadness. I can feel it. I hope you become strong on the coming days. It could be more painful. It could be terrible. But then again, I wish you the best. :|

Nate said...

@pointlessparanoia: hi lil bro! *hugs* yah, it's ok.. i understand.. your texts actually help.. thank you.. :)

shenanigans said...



tahan na kuya

citybuoy said...

I believe in crying. And tons of alcohol and meaningless sex to numb the vacant. haha it'll pass, Nate. :) no one ever really died of a broken heart.

my-so-called-Quest said...

nate, try listening to songs that will uplift you rather than songs than will make you more sad.

i don't know the whole story pero totoo ang inaadvise nila. you deserve the best. the hardest part is yet to come and that's sticking to your decision.

you can do it. : )

listen to amy winehouse - tears run dry on their own and india arie - heart of the matter.

Nate said...

@my-so-called-Quest: hi doc ced! thanks for the advices.. i really appreciate it! :)

itsyaboykorki said...

take a bite ... itll be alright ..

Nate said...

@itsyaboykorki: hi there, kork! thanks! and thanks also for dropping by.. :)

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