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Wednesday, January 4

By the River

flowing like music
calm as night
rushing like the wind
but soothing to the sight

clear as crystal
mirroring the sky above
drowning in your beauty
swept away by love

take me away
to the forest of dreams
where wishes come true
and happiness gleams

yet wake me, if you must
with a plash from thee
that I may differ make-believe
from reality

~my entry to Magpie Tales

*photo credits:  River, by Marina Moevs, 2005
 c/o Tess Kincaid


Anonymous said...

This is a very lovely piece, Kuya Nate. I especially like this:

take me away
to the forest of dreams

That is one hell of a nice couple of lines.

Keep on writing. More, more, more!

Nate said...

@pointlessparanoia: hello Jay! aww.. shucks.. thank you!! glad to know you appreciate my piece.. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! nice piece! Looove the 3rd verse.. :)

Nate said...

@Leah: thanks!! :D i'm happy you liked it! :)

aboutambot said...

Truly inspiring! Love it, Nate...

Nate said...

@aboutambot: thanks! :)

Helen said...

Lovely, dreamy ......

Doctor FTSE said...

I much enjoyed your strict rhyming.

Anonymous said...

or let me sleep
while you silently
kiss me feet
i know i am safe...

-the geek

Nate said...

@Helen: thanks! it really has that dreamy feel.. :)

Doctor FTSE: thank you!

@geek: wow! really nice lines, geek.. methinks, it could be the 5th verse of the poem.. :)

Nimue said...

smooth , lovely lines !


Nate said...

@Nimue: thanks! :)

C Hummel Kornell a/k/a C Hummel Wilson said...

Beautiful to read and imagine. Well done.

Mac Callister said...

uy! maganda toh! pwde!

Nate said...

@C Hummel Kornell: thanks for your nice words! i'm happy you liked my poem.. :)

@Mac Callister: oy MAC!!! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.. :)

Tim Smithson said...

Beautifully done. The manner of enchantment is feasible. Graspable by mind. Truly enchanting!

Nate said...

@Tim Smithson: aww.. shucks.. thank you! that's exactly the "feel" that I'd wan't for this poem.. dreamy.. enchanting.. :)

RoNRoNTuRoN said...

hongtorooooy! :D eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... i love the serenity of the piece. tamang emo lang!

Anonymous said...

Very light..nakaka-feel good. ^__^ Good morning, Nate.

Nate said...

@RonronTuRon: hi fwend!! hahahaha! hontoroy ba?? :) thanks! :D

@grammarkiller: hi jerro!! awe.. thanks!! and good morning din! :)

Tess Kincaid said...


Nate said...

@Tess Kincaid: thanks! :)

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