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Tuesday, April 24


I should be working, but my mind just can’t seem to focus.

My mind’s adrift.

I should do something.

I should read.

     I WAS LYING on the floor of my bedroom, praying to God to save Jamie, whom I adored, from all harm. When I came to, someone seemed to have taken away most of my furniture. I was in a blank space unbounded by dimension or time. The apartment had been almost entirely emptied. A mattress remained on the floor, and one book remained, the Brownstone Eclogues. No: over there, a book of translations of a German poet, whose name disappears on me every time I read it, sits on the windowsill. The rest of my books had performed a vanishing act. I went to the mirror. Coolberg’s face looked back at me. As in a Cocteau film, I fell into the mirror and swam in the glass. (Chapter 28, The Soul Thief by Charles Baxter) 

That was probably the shortest chapter I’ve ever read.

Maybe it’s about time to finish reading this book already; it’s been long overdue.

Hopefully, I'd regain focus after that.

Or not.

I miss you, C.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to read something new here, Kuya Nate. Have a nice day and I hope you enjoy the rest of The Soul Thied. It's about time to update that On The Shelf widget on your sidebar. :)

Tim Smithson said...

it's an amazing book. go tapusin na yan..

Nate said...

@pointlessparanoia: lil bro!! *hugs* uu nga eh.. nalalangaw na ang blog ko.. :))

and true, the On The Shelf has had enough of The Soul Thief, dapat maiba naman.. :P

@Tim Smithson: oh, you're read the book? sige, tatapusin na.. :)

Anonymous said...

Nasan ba yang si C?!?!

Ay teka, katitweet lang niya. Haha


Nate said...

@Charles: hahaha! :P

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

Nate said...

@Anonymous: you're welcome. thanks for dropping by! :)

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