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Monday, July 23

Best Man

“Bilhan mo daw ng Jollibee si mama…”

I received a text from my youngest sibling; it’s six in the morning. Mother dear has arrived from her 2 weeks trip to Brunei to visit my twin brother. Two weeks, and she already misses eating fastfood stuff.

Even if I'm half-awake, I went to the nearest Jollibee to buy us breakfast.

She beamed when I got back. I guess she really missed Jollibee food.

“Nagmamadali ka ba?! Ba’t ang bilis mong kumain?”

“Mom, I’ve work at 8 AM.”

“Could you stay for a little while? May news ako.”

It must’ve been something important, because she put on a different face when she was about to break the news to me.

“Your brother and his girlfriend are engaged; they’re getting married on December.”

I was stunned.

“Ok.. so what are the plans? Anong arrangements ang kelangan?”

“They actually had it figured out. Almost everything is planned. They were just polishing other details of the wedding.”

I can sense a bit of sadness in her tone.

Women have this thing about weddings. And being the mother of the groom, she must’ve felt that she was left out, because it seemed she didn’t have a say on anything about the details of the wedding.

Then, I started to connect the dots.

The bride’s family (and I mean the whole family: father, mother, 3 brothers and 2 sisters), went to Brunei a week before my mom did. Maybe that was the plan. That was when my brother formally asked the family for the bride’s hand in marriage. My twin, then, had mom fly to Brunei, not to be involved, but just to be informed.

It must’ve crushed mom’s heart.

“So what’s your participation in the wedding preparations?”

“The program…”

“The program? Really mom? Not even the floral arrangements? Or maybe the female entourage’s gowns?”

“Just the program…”

“Oh my…”

Everything’s almost set:

The photographer,
The videographer,
The caterer,
The venue,
The motif,
The outfits,
The date,
The entourage…

“You’re the best man…”

Then reality sets in.


Pano ba maging best man?



haahhaahahahah :) search on google lol

Justin said...

bachelor's party :D

charles said...

ODK kuya, pwede bang mag-gown and best man?

Fiction Nostalgia said...

Wow! Isn't it cool to be a best man? Hope everything turns out well..

I love your poems, by the way. Keep on writing. :)

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Inasmuch as i wanted to help,

palagi lang akong bridesmaid.

hihihi! chos. :p

Nate said...

@KULAPITOT: hahaha.. why not?! if there's such a thing as Best Man 101..

@Justin: oh, of course the bachelor's party.. hmm..

@charles: tseh!! :p

@Fiction Nostalgia: thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! it's humbling to know that someone loves my poems.. :)

@HRH Queen Chuni: ahahahaha! uu nga, mas kabog pa ang gown mo sa gown ng bride.. :))

Meowfie said...

Goodluck and get a great speech :D

glentot said...

Whoa. I'm sure di mo naubos ang breakfast mo heheh. I didn't know you have a twin...

Nate said...

@Meowfie: thanks! oh, yeah.. the best man's toast.. hmm.. i'll take note of that.. :)

@glentot: hey there!!! hindi ko naubos.. yung hot chocolate.. ang inet eh, napaso dila ko.. :)) and, yup! i've a twin brother.

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