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Wednesday, July 25

Moonlight Densetsu

Dear You,
                                    the radiant, beautiful moon.
                                This is for you, my love, my ever
                          dearest, the lovely creature who wrote my
                       name on the moon. I swear in the large shining
                   coin on the vast blanket of darkness & the glistening
                  stars that I would always lay my eyes and my beating
                heart in my chest on the constellation painted on your lips,
                the soft petals of the flowers plastered on your spine and
                the puff of white clouds on your fingertips. Each speaks of
                the beauty no one can really see until they look at you —
                the real you. And I swear, cross my heart, hope to die, to
                  the most radiant moon where you wrote my name, that
                    I would always and that I would never take my eyes
                      and my heart away from your never ending beauty.
                         For looking at you is never tiring and I swear to
                            the moon that I will always love your beauty.
                                   I swore to love you always with all
                                          my heart and my soul,
                                                   my dear.


~"Basta't kasama kita sa pangarap
Nadarama'y wala ngang katulad
Ligayang dulot nito sa aking puso
Sana ay di na magwakas"

Moonlight Densetsu (Tagalized)
Lyrics: Vehnee Saturno
Sung by: Angelika dela Cruz


Fiction Nostalgia said...

This is so sweet. Happy 11th to you both.

Nate said...

@Fiction Nostalgia: thanks! :)

charles said...

Hindi na kita mareach kuya! Ibang level na ang poetity mo? POETITY?!??!

HAha, kidding aside, brilliant piece kuya! :)

Yas said...

Congratulations. Less than a month and its all more of a celebration.

I am glad, Nate. Indeed.

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