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Saturday, August 4

Woods of the East Part 2

It started out as a random BBM from Jap in our BBM Group called The Barakos.

For some reason, almost everyone is available and accepted Jap’s invite… for a Milk Tea hangout.


Milk Tea.

A bunch of Englishmen, eh?

I was hesitant at first; because there have been attempts for a Milk Tea hangout which didn’t materialize.

However, this particular invite seems like it would push through... Just like before...

But the thing is, I have a prior commitment on the same night (and this one took about a month of planning).

So what’s it gonna be?

I politely ditched (if there’s such a thing) the other crowd composed of married individuals with atleast 2 kids, and chose to go with the Barakos.



Who wouldn’t want to be with a crowd of intelligent, funny, and crazy people? (And by crazy, I mean the good kind. Hahaha!)

I had a good laugh (thanks to Fatima).

I enjoyed the conversations.

Plus, I got to meet new people.

I had a lot of fun. Who wouldn’t?

It’s always a delight to hang out with people who you could relate to.

As they say, birds of the same feather…


…make a good feather duster!!



Thanks Leo, Nimmy, Jap, Niknok, Aaron, Babit, Nik, Ryan, and to the new acquaintances, Beej and Hustin.

Till next time!

Oh, and when that happens, let's make sure that there's Milk Tea involved.


Hustin said...

It was fun meeting you guys too :D sana next time ma-meet ko rin kayo lahat :)

^_^ wReY and R0bbY said...

Hulaan ko, sa Eastwood kayo nagpunta noh? hehehe...wala lang! ヅ

P.S. You may want to visit our blog and we'd love it more if we follow each other! ヅ

Yas Jayson said...

So kailangan ko ng blackberry para makasama? Haha

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