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Tuesday, August 14

Either, Or: A Break Up Story

Can someone really fall out of love in just a snap?

Would someone really waste time, effort, money, and emotion just for the hang of it?

There must be something wrong...

Either he wasn’t in love with him to begin with,

Or he found someone else.

And yet another one falls as a victim of a nasty breakup... via text.

You'll get by, dear friend.


charles said...

I almost thought this is about you and c kuya. Haha.

Nate said...

@charles: hahaha! napaisip ka ba, lil bro? :p

LJ said...

one of the harshest thing that can happen. I remember the song tell me on a sunday tuloy. i hope people will be more sensible to give closure on a personal level.

Nate said...

@LJ: true.. whatever happened to decent breakups? or maybe, decent breakup is a thing of the past.. and since we're in the "information technology" age, breakups have become say, digital.. or online.. sad.

glentot said...


Nate said...

@glentot: hey there!!! uu nga.. ang saklap lang..

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