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Tuesday, August 28

A Haunted Express 3

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

That was my cue to freak out. Something’s really wrong.

Not so far from where I am, a granddaughter saw her grandfather, a son saw his mother, and a wife saw her husband.

The latter was weird.

The husband didn't rise from the dead.

“Pa, tapos na ba ang 2-year contract mo sa Japan?” purred the wife, while giving him a tight hug.

“Patapos na Ma,” replied the husband.

“Oh, eh bakit bumalik ka agad? At paano?” asked the puzzled wife.

“Hindi ko rin alam. Basta sumakay ako ng tren dun sa amin. Ang naalala ko lang, nami-miss kita habang umaandar yung tren. Tapos ayun, andito na ako,” answered the husband.

That’s new information. I guess the train brings back the people we miss; both living and departed.

I walked towards the front part of the loading bay. I noticed, there were only a few people who alighted from the train.

No one went inside the train. I guess nobody’s supposed to ride it.

After a few minutes, the train left.

Those who have met their loved ones went to the Waiting Room, while I went back to the bench where I was seated.

When I was already seated, my phone rang. Someone’s calling.

I checked my phone, and it was Jay. He said he saw me at the loading bay, but he wasn’t sure if that was me so he didn’t shout my name. He called me to confirm if it was me that he saw.

I asked where he was, and I got up, and walked towards the Luggage Room.

After Jay hanged-up, I noticed I received two text messages. They were from Jude and Denver. Apparently, they were also at the train station.

I told Jay that Jude and Denver are just around and we might as well look for them; he agreed. They could either be somewhere where the benches are or they’re inside the Waiting Room. 

We tried the loading bay first.

While walking towards the loading bay, we heard a familiar sound again.

“Jay, a train’s coming!” I shouted.

“Oo nga, noh? Tara!” said Jay.

We hurried towards the loading bay.

Just like moments ago, people are waiting for the train to stop, and see who will be alighting this time. It could be anyone’s loved one; whether alive or brought back to life.

This time, there were a lot of people who alighted from the 2nd train. People are looking around, searching for someone they know.

Some found theirs, some didn’t. But as for me, I found someone.

“Nate!” shouted some guy. The voice sounded familiar.

I looked around, and there he was—Louie.

It’s been almost two months since he went to Brunei, and I must admit, I miss my younger brother. I waved “hi”, and he waved back at me.

When I was about to walk towards him, my phone rang. It was Denver.

“Nate, asan ka?” asked Denver.

“I’m at the loading bay with Jay, I just saw my younger brother,” I answered.

“Ah talaga? Oy, come here sa Waiting Room. Put*ngina, you have got to see who’s here.”  said Denver.

“Sino?” I asked.

“Basta! Bilisan nyo!” exclaimed Denver.


I signaled Louie that I have to go, somewhere and he nodded.

“Jay, let’s go. Nasa Waiting Room daw sila Denver at Jude. May kasama pa silang isa,”  I told Jay.

“Sino daw? Someone we know?” asked Jay.

“Siguro. Na-mura pa nga ako ni Denver eh.”  I answered.

We both laughed.

On the hallway towards the Waiting Room, someone shouted my name; it was Jude.

“Nate, this way!” shouted Jude.

So Jay and I hurried to where he is.

“Sino bang andyan?” asked Jay.

“Basta..” said Jude.

“Pa-suspense. Ang arte.” I said.

“There he is, near the right corner,” said Jude as he pointed towards a certain direction. I saw Denver, and he was talking to another guy. When the guy turned around..

“Put*ngina!” shouted Jay.

Jay ran towards him and gave him a hug; I froze.

“Oh my God, is that really you?”

“Yes, Nate, ako ‘to. It’s me, Riley.”

***to be continued…

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