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Sunday, February 26


While having breakfast earlier,

“Nate, anak? Alam mo I had a dream?”

“Di nga mom? Ako rin eh… What’s your dream about?”

She was with my brother, Louie, at some scenic spot somewhere.

There’s a waterfall and a huge body of water below; it looks deep. They're at shore near it. People were there; locals just passing by and tourists taking pictures and admiring the beauty of the waterfall.

One thing she noticed, was no one was taking to another. Tourists should been rather inquisitive; locals, convivial.

Yet, everyone seems indifferent.

From afar, she saw something; someone… There was a kid’s body, floating in the water. She seems lifeless.


“A girl drowned!” mom shouted, pointing at the floating girl.

No one seemed to care.

She, then, pulled Louie and asked him to help the little girl. Without another word, my brother took off his shoes, his shirt and dived in the water. The moment Louie splashed in, mom noticed it got the attention of the people around her. They all turned to see what was happening.

Then, the unusual occurred.

One local dived in the water, and transformed into a stingray.

A tourist dived in, as well, and turned into a dolphin.

Two more dived in, and turned into a shark and a huge eel.

They all swam to where the floating girl was, but no one (or nothing) helped my brother in saving the little girl.

Louie was able to get the little girl out of the water, and did CPR. After a couple of tries, Louie gave up.

It turns out, the little girl didn’t seem lifeless; she was dead.

“Ang weird naman nun mom! Nagta-transform ang mga tao?”

“Oo. Kakaiba nga eh. Eh ikaw, anak? What was your dream about?”

“Parang ganito siya…”

 ***to be continued...


Nimmy said...

Eeeeeeeee! Ang weird! Hulaan ko panaginip mo... Nagdive ka din tapos may transformation na naganap? Char!

Anonymous said...

Pag antagal mo 'di nagblog kuya. :)

Next part please! Haha


shenanigans said...

transformers ang dream ni mudak.. eh si kuya kaya ano? hhhmmmm...

Nate said...

@charles.: hi there! uu nga eh.. sige, i'll try to post more pag di na masyado ngarag.. :P

@shenanigans: uu.. shapeshifters ang mga tao sa dream nya.. yun napanaginipan ko? abangan.. :P

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc. said...

ampness... bitin....
part 2 na!!

Nate said...

@Axl Powerhouse Production Inc.: hahaha! sahree naman.. eto na po, kino-compose na.. ang part 2.. :P

Leo said...

Oh that was weird honey. Excited na rin ako sa part 2!

eprilis said...

Weird. Hahaha. I wonder what your dream was about. Mas weird ba sa dream ng mom mo??

Nate said...

@Leo: hey there! hahaha! :P sige, eto part 2 being drafted na.. :)

@eprilis: hi! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! part 2, coming right up.. :)

citybuoy said...

Ay nasabit ako. haha

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