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Wednesday, February 15


Your heart, it beats
like most of them does
and it resounds his name
creating such a fuss

His heart, it beats
the same way as yours
as your love for each other grows
while sailing at sea, and rowing with oars

Then strong winds came blowing
and huge waves took form,
you thought you both survived
the fiercest of the storms


Sweet, wonderful memories
of a love that once was quaint,
are the things you choose to keep
as the thudding, the rhythm fades

You’ve given it your all
till you have nothing more to give
and your heart loses color, wilts
so that his’ may live.

~to you, one of my Muses


*my entry to Magpie Tales
*photo credit


aboutambot said...


Nate said...

@aboutambot: hey there! belated happy valentine's! :)

zongrik said...

happy valentine's day

<a href=">haunting suppleness</a>

Leo said...

What a poignant poem Natey. One of the best short poems I read. Excellent!

Wunderful Wizard said...

That kind of love is the bravest. Lovely.

Nate said...

@Leo: aww.. thanks, sis!! :D

Nate said...

@Wunderful Wizard: thanks you! :)

Nate said...

@zongrik: belated happy valentine's day!

Tess Kincaid said...

Sometimes it does create such a fuss...

citybuoy said...

Ooh, I wonder which of the muses this is dedicated to. You're really getting into this Magpie thing, no? Gujab! :)

Nate said...

@Tess Kincaid: true..

citybuoy: hihihi.. go figure! kaya mo yan! :) and yup, magpie's prompt kinda helps squeeze out the creative juices left in me so yun.. :)

glentot said...

Break up poem?

Nate said...

@glentot: yah.. something like that.. :)

Tim Smithson said...

The awesomeness talaga!

Nate said...

@Tim Smithson: aww.. thanks! :) *blushes*

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