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Wednesday, August 22

How I Spent My Birthday

The week started out well, I think.

Monday was spent with a lot of sleep and alternating between eating and watching The Walking Dead Season 2. It is only during lean days like this that I could really just sit down and finish a whole season of a TV series.

Yeah, I guess I’m a couch potato… or a bed potato.

Tuesday morning came and for some reason, I woke around 8AM. Not really. I think was half–awake. I remembered checking my phone, and there was a text message from the partner which read,

Hi babe! Hee hee. Happy birthday! :*

Labyu! :*

I remember giggling, I’m not sure if it’s because of the text or because I need to go and take a leak. But I think it’s more because of the text. Because I didn’t go to the bathroom; I dozed off instead.

All of us in the house “really” woke up around 11:30 in the morning. Wow. It’s almost lunchtime for the others. But for us, the day has just started.

It took quite some time before mom and my youngest brother were able to prep up. Plan A is: we’re supposed to go to an eat–all–you–can restaurant that serves buffet lunch until 2PM. Unfortunately, when I checked the time, it read 1:35PM. Goodbye, eat–all–you–can.

We opted to Plan B. We had lunch, instead, at this nearby pizza place. While eating, I was browsing Twitter and Facebook for updates on Sec. Jesse Robredo, whose body was found according to the news. I feel sorry for their family.

But, I guess that’s just how it is.

Here I am with my family, celebrating life; while the Robredo Family is suffering for a loss of a husband/father.

I did a silent prayer, asking God to grant comfort to their family in this time of mourning.

Then, I resumed eating.

I was so hungry; I devoured so much food in 15 minutes.

“May gimik ka pa ba?” asked mom. Good thing she has a lot of other plans lined up.

“Yes, mom. I’d prolly just go somewhere,” said I. But, honestly, I planned out a date with the partner.

“Ok, ingat anak,” said mom.

We parted ways after I made beso to her.

            done with lunch. omw to eastwood.

            Okies! See ya!

I hailed a cab going to Eastwood.

“Hey babe!”


We bought tickets, Bourne Legacy, and then I sat down and watch him have his lunch.



“Why are you staring at me?”

“Wala lang.”

For me, he’s the cutest. I could stare at him all day.

I spooned him ice cream, and signaled him to open his mouth. He ate it. It didn’t matter if people stared at us.

We watched a movie. I had dinner. He had coffee. We kissed. We held hands. We said our “I love you’s.”

Then, we parted ways.

thanks for spending the day with me.. :*


This was how I spent my birthday.


Jessica said...

Happy birthday.
You are so sweet, haha... I had this kilig kilig moments here while reading your story haha.

Anonymous said...

first time ko ata dito.:D
syempre happy birthday muna!

Namiss ko na yung walking dead sa october pa daw balik e.

btw, lam mo nakakuwa sa post na 'to? may currents event na napasama. nice!

yun oh! ang sweet ng birthday mo. hindi ko pa natry mag ice cream sa sinehan:D

Happy B! uli.

Nate said...

@Jessica: hey there! thanks for dropping by! thanks, also, for the birthday greeting! :)

@otep: hello! salamat at napadaan ka sa blog ko.. thanks for the birthday greeting and for leaving a comment! :)

shenanigans said...

belated happy birthday kuya

Kane said...

Tekaaaaa walang birthday sex?

Birthdays are that one day in the year you get to feel like a king. I hope you had a king-sized orgasm, Nate. Or at least, a king-sized rock of jewelry.

But perhaps it doesn't really matter. Cause it looks like you got a boy who makes you feel like royalty all along. :) happy birthday sir:)


Nate said...

@Kane: hahaha! ikaw na ang may pinaka-pasabog na comment!! PAK!! :))

thank you, K! :)

Archieviner said...

Happy birthday :)

Nate said...

@Archieviner: hey there! thanks for the greeting! and thanks, also, for dropping by.. :)

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