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Sunday, October 9

Fruits, Numbers, and I Love You’s

So I was chatting with this friend, when I noticed his YM status message which read: “Oranges…”

Nate (3:13:29 PM): oranges?
itchy_friend (3:39:20 PM): lol
itchy_friend (3:39:29 PM): its our code for I love you LOL
Nate (3:39:38 PM): ASUS!!!!!!!!!!
Nate (3:39:49 PM): ikaw na ang INLABabo!!
Nate (3:39:50 PM): amf!

Secret codes. It’s like saying it out loud without being noticed.


I remember back in high school, there’s this love team from our section, which I’m a fan of. I’m always the 3rd wheel so that our batchmates won’t notice that they’re official. You know how it is in high school, so they kept things on the low, and their relationship a secret. Let’s name them as Makisig and Mutya.

Makisig was a typical high school guy; just the right mix of being studious, sporty, arrogant, and snobbish. Mutya, as the term implies, is the beautiful, dainty, delicate lass; a classic Maria Clara.

We were in junior year, and let’s just say that Mutya is a late bloomer. The guys are starting to notice that this demure lady is already blossoming.

She was our class Muse, and usually the class Muses battle it out on the runway during the annual school pageant. Mutya is obviously hesitant about competing in the pageant to vie for the coveted title. Although, winning such a title would put her notches up in the High School Social Ladder.

But she’s nothing like that. She’s Maria Clara, for crying out loud! She’s not the type who would flaunt her body in a bikini/ swimwear, or even a sexy sportswear.

Being one of the organizers of the event, I wanted her to compete. I wanted her to win. Imagine what that would do to her self esteem. But she was scared. Facing a crowd alone horrifies her; much more if she would strut her stuff on the runway.

I gave up. Our classmates gave up. Her close friends gave up. So we let it go, and moved on.

An hour or so before the pageant, my co–organizers and I are at the backstage and we’re already in a riot in trying to do last minute preparations and checking for the sounds, lights, scorecards, tally sheets, refreshments for the judges, and what have you.

Then from afar, I saw a girl running towards our direction. It was Mutya.

“Guys and gals, how do you use these things?”

And she opened a bag full of makeover stuff.

In short, natuwa ang mga beki na organizers, at pinag-praktisan si Mutya. It’s like Mutya became a living Barbie doll. (I suddenly remembered a scene from Miss Congeniality where Sandra Bullock was at-a-loss on how to use a lipstick.)

And voila!

When her name was called, OMG, the crowd went wild. I was so surprised that she easily learned how to walk with long strides, the right amount of swaying of the hips, the S shape form when posing. Mutya was a stunner!

“Project, girl!! Project!!” sigaw ng mga beki, na tuwang–tuwa sa ala-Ambush Makeover nila; and on how Mutya would wave her hand like a beauty queen, and how she smiles in front of flashing cameras. They looked satisfied that Mutya was able to deliver.

“Go Mutya!!” shouted guys from the audience.

“San nyo itinago yan?”

“Bat ngayon nyo lang siya inilabas?”

Then I thought, “Junior year na, so malamang 3 years nang gumagala sa campus si Mutya. Pero syempre, hindi sya pinapansin, dahil mahinhin at mahiyain. Ibang–iba sa Mutya na nakikita nila ngayon na oozing with confidence and sex appeal.”

Iba si Makisig; hindi siya nakiki–cheer like the other guys. He didn’t objectify Mutya like they did.

Mutya didn’t win. She didn’t even place a spot in the top three. But as far as showing herself up to do her duty as the class Muse, and dealing with stage fright, I could say she was triumphant. She earned respect, and captured the hearts of many; one of them being Makisig.

He would meet her up at the corner of the street near her residence, and walk with her to school. After classes, he would wait for her and walk her home to the same spot.

Why the corner of the street? Well, you’ve probably guessed it! Mutya’s parents are conservative. I’m pretty sure all hell would break loose if her mom would know that Makisig is courting her daughter and much more if she would learn that Makisig & Mutya are in a relationship.

There was this one time that I was with the two of them. Hinatid namin ni Makisig si Mutya sa kanto ng bahay nila. Then, after saying their goodbyes when we’ve already crossed the street, Makisig turned back and shouted his girlfriend’s name.
Mutya, turned around.

Mutya:             “Bakit?”
Makisig:          “Eight!”
Mutya:             “Eight din!”

Ok, so this was the part that I was so perplexed. I’m not deaf. They shouted a number to each other, and I was like: “What’s was that about? Did I hear it right? Did he just shout a number at her, and she answered back with the same number?”

Makisig:          “Ah yun ba? Wala yun… Secret code namin yun.”
Nate:               “Sus, pa-secret secret pa!”
Makisig:          “Ganun talaga, Nate. Mahirap na. Alam mo naman sa school.”
Nate:               “So ano nga yung eight?”
Makisig:          “Eight? Eight is a number. Comes right after seven.”
Nate:               “And comes before nine, I know. But really? What does your secret code mean?”
Makisig:          “Eight, means I Love You.”

Mahal daw ako ni Makisig… CHAR!!! :P

Nate:               “You love me?”
Makisig:          “Timang! Hindi! What I mean is, substitute sya instead of saying I Love You.”
Nate:               “Aah.. Eh pano naging eight?”
Makisig:          “Simple lang. If I Love You is 1 4 3, just add them up. 1 + 4 + 3, and you’ll get 8!”
Nate:               “Aah.. Ang panget!! Ang corny!!”
Makisig:          “Hahaha! Ganun talaga.”

So that explains why they both beamed after shouting “eight” to each other.

Makisig & Mutya are now engaged.


(Kung sila number ang version, eto trip lang na mag ngongo version…)
P:         Aylamyusomats! :*

C:         Ay gumaganun. :*


Wala lang, hindi naman siya secret code… Papansin lang… Hihihihi…


RoNRoNTuRoN said...

ahahahaha! feeling ko bading na din si makisig ngayon. ahahaha. chos lang!

and please, nakakabwisit yung eight at orange! ahahaha

Nate said...

@ronron: fwend!!! hahaha! uhm, nah.. he's not.. he's straight talaga.. anyway, nabwisit ka ba sa secret code?? ang cute kaya nung eight at oranges... wahahaha! :P

Anonymous said...

Kami rin may codes at yes puro pagkain din! Halata naman sa hilig naming kumain di ba?

Nate said...

@ayla: yi... cute naman ng ganun... actually yung P & C namin.. pagkain din!!! wuhahahaha! :P

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