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Sunday, October 23

Boyfriend Duties

Tracking Device (GPS)

            Being the spontaneous person that he is, it’s better to know where C’s at. Believe me, one moment C’s on duty and on another he maybe out partying at Tides, or Republiq, or 7th High, or at some who–knows–where club where he’s guest listed.


Whenever they’re apart, texting is their way of communication.

Alarm Clock

             C would text P to call him & wake him up so that he could prep for work; be it a day shift duty, a night shift duty, a go–see, or a photo shoot.

Dora’s Backpack

             Whether it is a pocket mirror, oil control film, isopropyl alcohol, mint candy, or medicine kit, it’s all in there just in case.

Coffee buddy

            Depending on the coffee shop, C loves to get a fix of either coffee or tea, and some cake.

Teddy Bear

            I’m not sure if P is huggable, but C loves to hug P whenever they cuddle; and P’s not complaining. Hug away, C. Hug P all you want.

Play mate

            P & C loves to play DoTA, walang pinipiling araw. They play whenever they feel like it.


            They try to talk all night, whenever they can; asking how each other’s day went.

Sleeping Pill
photo from here

            If C had a rough day and couldn’t sleep, P would call him. His voice and his lullaby song could help take C to Dreamland in no time.


            The list goes on, but P doesn’t care. For C, he’d be anyone & be anything he wants him to be… That’s how much P loves C.

“I'll be your crying shoulder,
I'll be love's suicide
I'll be better when I'm older,
I'll be the greatest fan of your life.”
~Edwin McCain, I’ll Be


Mac Callister said...

kayo ba yun ng BF mo? thats cute :-)

Nate said...

@mac: uu.. :)

saylala said...

KESONG-KESONG-KESO! Can't wait to meet C! Tumambling ako sa go-see at photo shoot! Try BBM, sulit na sulit na sulit sa min!

Nate said...

@ayla: hihihi.. sobrang makeso ba?? hahaha! :P

ay, napa-tumbling ka ba?! ahahah! sahree naman.. freelance model sya.. :)

aboutambot said...

awww so sweet...

Nate said...

@aboutambot: hihihi.. thanks! :)

Ryan said...

The simple and not-so-simple things that make relationships so beautiful. Stay happy, you two. :)

Nate said...

@Ryan: hey there! thanks! :)

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