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Monday, October 17


"Romantic apologies are about showing another person how important they are to you AND how sorry you are for what you did."


P’s heart jumped the moment he checked his phone. He received two missed calls from C. He hurriedly dialed C’s number,

            P:         Hello, babe?
            C:         Oh?                 
            P:         I’m so sorry… Bati na tayo, please?
            C:         Ewan ko sa ‘yo…

And the call went on for a good 10 minutes with neither of them talking. After that C hanged up. It crushed P’s heart. He didn’t know what to say or what to feel. He was numbed. He tried to text him,

            P:         I’m sorry… :(
            C:         Wag mo kong kausapin…

The next words just became blurred as tears filled P’s eyes. The exchange of messages after is just painful. He just put down his phone and tried his best to get some sleep.

P went to work the following day, with barely enough sleep; but he tried his best to smile so that his officemates won’t notice. Little did they know, he was often checking his phone to see if C sent a text or not. Come afternoon, during coffee break, P’s colleagues wanted to unwind and invited him to join them for coffee at Eastwood. He half hearted obliged. But maybe, just maybe, he needed this to unwind.

While having his quick fix of coffee, he excused himself and said that he would just be going to the men’s room. P went to the corner of the coffee shop, and tried to apologize again,

            P:         I’m sorry, I hope you could find it in your heart to forgive me… :(

C seems immovable. P thought he wouldn’t let another day pass without fixing this. He felt that if he won’t fix it today, it could get worse, so he tried his best to arrange a meet,

            P:         Babe,  can we meet later at <insert name of coffee shop>?
            C:         Ok… Just tell me when.
            P:         Thanks babe

P was actually with Fairy Godmother and Baller that afternoon. After having coffee, Baller went on his way to an OB Trip while P & Fairy Godmother took a cab going back to their office. While inside the cab, both of them were silence. Until someone broke the ice,

            FG:      P, are you ok?
            P:       Honestly? No.
            FG:      Oh my, what happened?

P just smiled back at her. Fairy Godmother is usually nosy, so P just kept silent about it. But the traffic is awful. They would both die with boredom if nobody talks,

            FG:      Uhm, P, could you be honest me?
            P:       About what?
            FG:      I’m just confused about you. Tell me, are you metrosexual? Or gay? Or bisexual?

P can’t help it. He felt the need to talk to anyone, or he fears he’d lose his wits.

            P:         I’ve a boyfriend.

Fairy Godmother was shocked. She wanted the truth, but it silenced her. Well, atleast for a few minutes…

            FG:      Uhm, ok… Oh, was it the guy you tagged along to the event
            P:       Yes, that’s him. And, we’re kinda problems right now. A misunderstanding.

I guess it was hitting two birds with one stone for P. He outed himself to his colleague, and was able to have a sensible conversation with Fairy Godmother. It, somehow, alleviate P’s worries.

After work,

            P:         I’m outta here.. c u at <insert name of coffee shop>

But before going he must get C something, a peace offering, with a personal touch… He opened his drawer and worked on it,

Materials for a Romantic Apology:

            The gift (peace offering)
            2.5” in X 2.5” cardboard box with a lid
            A red ribbon
            Black pentel pen
            White notepad


1.     Use the scissors to cut a sheet of the notepad to a small rectangle and fold it in two.
2.     Using the black pentel pen, write the a note, saying how you feel:

3.     Punch a hole on the upper left side corner of the cutout
4.     Place the gift inside the cardboard box, and close the lid
5.     Tie the red ribbon around it and tighten it to a bow.
6.     At tip of one of the ribbon’s tail, insert the cutout, and tie a knot

He hurriedly went on his way to the meeting place. He wanted to arrive there before C does, or it might add to the friction.

            C:         Where are you?
            P:         I’m here, come inside…

P was nervous. It’s a make or break thingie. Things must go smoothly, or else… After a few minutes, C arrived. P smile at him, fighting back his tears. C was about to sit on the chair across the table, but P moved sideways signaling C to sit beside.

“I hope he would sit beside me,” thought P.

He did.

“I guess it’s a good sign,” P told himself. C laid down his left hand, palm open as if wanting P to hold it. He laid his on C’s, then, C clasped it.

P looked up, and smiled at C. He smiled back.

            P:         I have something for you…
            C:         What’s that?

P brought out his peace offering, and handed it to C. C opened the note, and smiled…

            P:         I’m sorry…

He broke into tears. He grabs C’s hand and tilted his head on C’s shoulders.

            C:         Don’t cry, please. Stop crying.

P tried, at first, but the tears keep on trickling down his cheeks.

            C:         Please, please stop crying.

P took his hanky from his pocket and dried his eyes. He laid his head on C’s shoulders,

            P:         I’m sorry, babe… I’m really sorry…
            C:         Ikaw kasi eh…

Then, C lifted P’s chin and guided P’s lips so it could meet his. C, then, planted a soft, lingering kiss on P’s lips. It was bliss.

            C:         Sa susunod ah, wag ka nang ganyan…
            P:         Ok, and I’m sorry ulet…

They cuddled for a while after that.

            P:         I wanna make out. (He whispered)

C, then, kissed him like there’s no tomorrow, and didn’t mind if the others in the coffee shop would notice… 

            C:         Make up ***, babe?

Both had a devilish grin.

***to be continued        


RoNRoNTuRoN said...

ahahahha. sweet ending!!!! i detalye ang kasunod! ung super vvid! chos!

charles. said...

HAHAHAAAAA! Sorry, couldn't stop laughing with the last lines. haha! Apologetic to sweet to ... you complete it. haha

Anonymous said...

*kilig :)

Anonymous said...

AYUN YUN E MAKE UP *** FTW! Sa haba haba ng pag-aaway, sa make up *** din ang tuloy! Happy for both of you Nate!

eon said...

nothing like makeup sex. :)

Leo said...

Eeeee. :) Sometimes I get confused who's C and P. Hahaha.

Nate said...

@ronron: hanubeh fwend!! sweet ending?? eh bat natatawa ka?? hmf!! i-detalye?? super vivid?? hmm.. let's see.. :P

charles.: hmmf!! isa ka pa!! tumatawa ka rin.. hmpff!! *raised left eyebrow*

@Wicked Writer: buti ka pa, kinilig.. :)

@saylala: ahahaha! kulet mo ayla!! hehehe.. thanks! :)

@eon: :)

@leo: yi.. kinilig?? ay, na-confuse ka ba?? #please email me nalang for questions, if ever.. :P

citybuoy said...

That's how to end an argument. lol

Nate said...

@nyl: hehehe... :)

aboutambot said...

pagkatapos ng mainit na pagtatalo ay mas mainit na pagtatalik naman hahaha.

Nate said...

@aboutambot: hihihi.. welcome to my blog!! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! :)

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