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Saturday, June 15

A Change of Ways

"I always try to look for the best in people."

That was what he told a friend, when asked about his way of evaluating a person's character.

It was how he was brought up.

But not so long ago, a turn of events made him question his judgment or the lack thereof.

"Is it still worth it to try and look for the best in people?" He asked himself.

Maybe not.

Maybe it's time for a change of ways --- Naivety off. Malice on. Suspicion on. Guard on. Walls up.


Jjamp Ong said...

This is interesting :)

Nate said...

@Jjamp Ong hello!! welcome to my blog! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! :)

Jjamp Ong said...

haha thanks :)

it's good to read once in a while, it helps to relax from a rough day at work

Nate said...

@Jjamp Ong: true!

Kane said...

How are the walls holding up, Nate? *grins* You know how the staunchest barriers can be breached. Or at least, that's what I heard.


Nate said...

@K: oh, hello there you witty witty miss! hahaha! well, walls aren't that sturdy.. but, at least, they're there.. :)

kalansaycollector said...

hay trust issues. can relate. haha

glentot said...

Tama yan. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent. Hehehe. Otherwise you'll find yourself victimized.

citybuoy said...

NO! Parang di bagay. Sweet sweetan ang alam kong Nate! haha

Nate said...

@glentot: hi!

@nyl: TSEH! ahahaha! :p

vikky said...

everyone has a good side. minsan lang talaga circumstances force us to be different and be...idk, mean maybe. pero we all have a good quality. i think as long as we have the heart to believe such, this world is gonna be a nicer place. :-) hello.

Nate said...

@vikky: hi! your words ring true. thanks for dropping by and taking time to read and to comment. :)

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