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Friday, September 23

Sweet Nothings 4 – Of Sleep and Lullabies

WARNING:  (Almost) Nakakaumay...

P reminded C about reporting to work early. But for some reason, C can’t sleep. So, while texting…

P:         Babe, go to sleep na… You still have work tomorrow…
C:         I can’t eh… Could you sing me to sleep?

Then, P called C

P:         Huh? Uso pa ba yun? Gumagana pa ba ang lullabies?
C:         Please? Sing me to sleep?
P:         Uhm, I dunno if I still remember any lullaby

He’s actually kidding… He knows a lot of lullabies…

            P:         Sige na nga… Here goes… (cleared his throat, and started singing)


Lullaby and good night
Close your eyes and sleep tight
Like a rose in its bed
Lay down your sweet head
Go to sleep do not cry
Till the morning is nigh
Go to sleep do not cry
Till the morning is nigh


On the background, he could hear C yawning. It put a smile to his face. The lullaby worked.

            P:         It worked? You’re sleepy na?
            C:         Yes.
            P:         Ano gusto mo, tagalog version naman?
            C:         Ay, nawili…
            P:         Oh sige na, sleep na…
            C:         Ok… I love you!
            P:         I love you, too! Good night, babe!
            C:         Good night!

When C hanged up, P went back to bed humming the tagalog lullaby… Hoping it would also lull him to sleep…


Meme na bunso, sa ‘yong duyan

Bantay mo’y ulap sa kalangitan

Pag–ihip ng hanging Amihan

Ipaghehele, bunso kong hirang


It did lull P to sleep, smiling... Because right now, with C in his life, there would no longer be one-way conversations with the moon or solitary slumbers...

“Close your eyes,” I told myself,
“turn your thoughts to happy things…”
“Rest is waiting, for your weary soul,
at the calm brook of your dreams.”

And Sleep did visit me, just in time,
when daybreak is nigh,
While in my head a song was playing…
it was a soothing lullaby.


shenanigans said...


natatakot ako para sayo, seriously!

Nate said...

@rus: omg.. baket nmn?! hala.. :/

Mac Callister said...

ka-keso-keso naman ng post itetch!hahaha

Leo said...

Lullabies, for the win! :) I feel the sincerity in this post. Very heart-warming!

charles. said...

:)))))) Such a feel good post.

Nate said...

@mac: hahahaha! sobrang cheesy ba?? :P

@leo: i know, right?! hahaha! :P --- "Lullabies, for the win! :)"

and thanks for finding this post sincere and heart-warming.. so pano? pwede na ba kameng runner-up sa #TronoNgKatamisan?? ahahahah! :P

@charles.: kung makapag-smile naman 'to, wagas!! ahahaha! yes.. feel good post.. :)

Nate said...

@charles.: thanks nga pala for visiting my blog, and leaving a comment! :)

린코 said...

anak ng!!!! :))

Nate said...

@린코: wahahahaha! :P

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