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Wednesday, September 18

Exclusive Sale

I want to an exclusive Toys R Us sale a while ago.

Funny how some people don’t get what exclusive means.

There was a jerk at the entrance of the store, and he’s making a scene.

Doorman:         I’m sorry, Sir. Hindi po kayo pwedeng pumasok. This is an exclusive sale.
Guy:                 Huh? Bakit?
Doorman:         Exclusive nga po, Sir.

But the jerk was persistent in wanting to get inside the store.

Doorman:         Wag na po kayong mapilit, Sir. If you want, we could let you in, but you must have a credit card from either one of our partners: Metrobank or RobinsonsBank–Cebu Pacific.
Guy:                 I don’t want a card. I just want to buy toys.
Me:                  Uhm, excuse me, jerk! Didn’t you get that it’s an exclusive sale? Now, if you                                don’t mind, please step aside coz there’s a long queue of exclusive shoppers                              behind me.

And as the doorman stamped my wrist, I looked at the jerk and showed my stamped wrist.

Me:                   See? Exclusive.

Once inside the store, you’d see a pandemonium. It’s crazy to see a horde of shoppers with carts and carts of different toys, made even crazier with an air of Christmas tunes.

Paskong-pasko na sa store na ‘to.

While my officemates were scattered to where the bags, dolls, toy cars, and jigsaw puzzles are; I was looking on the racks of Uno, Monopoly, and Magic 8 Ball.

Magic 8 Ball.

I’ve always wanted to have one, when I was young. But I think it’s silly if I’d own one right now. I mean, what’s a 28 year old doing with a Magic 8 Ball?

Anyway, just for the heck of it, I tried asking questions… about my twitter crush. *hihihi*

Me:                   So, is it possible na magka-crush sa akin si twitter crush? *shake shake shake*
Magic 8 Ball:      Without a doubt.

Ay, potaena! It made me wanna ask some more questions.

Me:                   Not that I’m a size queen, pero malaki ba yung ano ni twitter crush? I mean, yung you know.. yung ano nya? *shake shake*
Magic 8 Ball:      Better not tell you know.

Chosera. Pa-suspense ang walanghiya.

Me:                   Eeeeeeh. Sige na. Sabihin mo na. Malaki ba yung ano nya?   *shake shake shake*
Magic 8 Ball:      Signs point to yes.

Stupid right?

Anyway, I didn’t buy the thing. I just put it back.

A few toys caught my interest, though:

·         Battery-powered aquarium fishes (the clownfish one looks really cute)
·         Modern Tamagotchis
·         And this thing called a blinking caterpillar:

I know.

I’m weird.


Jjampong said...


I remember back then when I was working for Sun Cellular. Kame naman may exclusive sale for havaianas and there was also a persistent guy that wanted to come in but sadly he doesn't have an id to show...

Nate said...

@Jjampong: hi there! hahaha! yaan mo na sila.. kasama ata talaga sa eksena ang ganun.. kelangan pag may sale, may commotion na magaganap.. lols :p

kalansaycollector said...

bongga! hahaha aliw naman yan.

glentot said...

Got your bitch mode on at a Christmas sale LOL I would have paid half a month's salary to see that!

Nate said...

@glentot: hahaha! bad ka talaga! :p anyway, advance congratulations on your upcoming book! I want an autographed one, please. :)

Anonymous said...

I would have bought the Magic 8 thingy. It could be a more sensible replacement for Siri. Not that I have an iPhone.

citybuoy said...

I get the same way with this book of answers I got from a flea store once. Nakakaloka siya!

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