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Saturday, December 31


Before the year ends, I wanted to give myself a treat; something that would remind me of how the year has been.

And so, here it is… Meet my new baby, Pontifex:

*since I can't think of a name, I asked C and he named it


eon said...

asus is pagibig.

Nate said...

@Eon: hey there!! true, ASUS is <3

charles. said...

Kumplikado much ng name huh?

Nate said...

@charles: hahaha! maarte si C eh.. yan gusto nya name for my baby.. :)

pointlessparanoia said...

As in the senior Roman priest? Cool!

Nate said...

@pointlessparanoia: yes lil bro. :)

Jjampong said...

wooo hooray for choosing Asus... btw I work at ASUS ahaha :)

choose ASUS for your next laptop, I can get you discount haha

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