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Tuesday, December 13

Yet Another Surprise

About a week ago, I received a text from C asking for a favor. Apparently, it was Lady in Black’s birthday, and he wanted to throw her a surprise party. Because of the success of the surprise party I put up for him, he trusts that I’d be able to pull off yet another one. I took the challenge.

The Drama

            Of course, there has to be a drama. Like an improv, throw in a scenario, then actors would adapt based on the situation and work from there. LIB was out partying with her blockmates, and C and another friend has this made up problem and would want a deep conversation with her. This would reel her inside the coffee shop.


            C doesn’t want balloons, coz it’s been done already. So we need to come up with new ones: Party poppers, Illustration board/s, Marker.

            We would write our messages and/or birthday greetings on the 1/8 Illustration board, para daw may personal touch.


            When LIB is already inside the coffee shop, C will give us a call. That would be our signal to go down, while singing the Birthday Song, from the 2nd floor of the coffee shop bringing the cake with us. Once LIB blows her cake, that’s when the party poppers will, well pop.

The Dilemma

C told LIB that if it would take her too long to come from the other party going to the coffee shop, then they would already leave. If LIB takes this the other way around, then she might not show up; thinking the others would be going home already.

If there’s a no show, there’s not going to be any surprise party at all.


            Good thing, LIB replied saying that she’s gonna be there. (Thank goodness!)

The Result

            SUCCESSFUL. She was almost moved to tears.

The Gift

            C's friends would like to open the gift bag for LIB. One of them was like: "OMG. Did you her a piece of clothing too?" Ako na daw kasi ang batayan sa pagbibigay ng gift. Kinaiinggitan daw nila ang gift ko kay C.

             C and I decided to give LIB a pink rabbit plushie, which she named Silverio.


When I got home after the party, I texted LIB:

Nate:   hello LIB!! happy birthday again!! i’m glad natuwa ka sa surprise nmin.. :)

and buti nlng u liked silverio.. :)

LIB:     Hey you mr may–pasok–pa–later! Thank you so much for last night’s surprise. It was fun spending the last hours of my bday with u and the bb boys. Yep I like silverio, he’s malandi! Hihi, hugs and kisses. :D

It made me smile. But you know what made my smile wider?

            C:       Thanks babe! I owe you bigtime. And for that I’ll _________ until you ________.



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