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Sunday, December 4

Pointless? Not Anymore!!

“Musta ka na?”

It was a text from Jay, one of my little brothers in blogspace. He usually starts a text convo with that sentence. And so the convo started.

He asked if I know where RCBC Plaza is, and if I know how to get there. It was easy breezy. I worked at Makati for a good four, almost five, years and my office, then, was located at Rufino Tower along Ayala Ave. So I gave him specific instructions on how to get there.

“Aun.madali lng pla. Cge tnx a lot. Gud luck sa pgpunta q dun. hahaha.”

For some reason, I sensed a little apprehension on the youngster’s reply. So, me, being the nosy the one, asked,

“anong meron sa rcbc? why are you going there, if I may ask?”

It was the Awards Night of the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards.

“Uo. Merun.punta ka! :-)”

I was a bit hesitant, thinking it’s an Awards Night. I’m pretty sure it is a “by invitation” kind of event. But the lil bro was persistent,

“i-a-rsvp kta.”

Honestly, I got a little excited. Being rather relatively new to blogspace, attending such an event would be an amazing experience.

            “kelan ba yan? and what time?”

“Tom. 6pm.”

Then, my excitement died. Like fire, extinguished. I have plans with C and we were supposed to go with Nox and Ronron (I guess I’m not gonna elaborate on this one, since Jay is the star in this post). So I have to turn down his invite. Honestly, I had a hard time turning down Jay’s invite, but I had to due to prior arrangements.

Then, of course, there goes the almost expected question of his,

“May sbux b dun sa rcbc?”

He loves coffee. He loves hanging out at Starbucks

So I told him of almost every Starbucks store I know of near the place.

“Bhay n q. :-)”

It was an assurance that whatever it is that happened to him on that day, he got home… Safe and sound.


The day after, C was feeling a little better already. I was a bit anxious, but I trust that Jay would make it to the venue based on the directions/ instructions I gave him.

It was past 6 PM, and I haven’t heard from him. In my head, I was like “Baka nag–start na yung event. I guess he made it there.”

After dropping off C near his place, I received a text from Jay. And that text made my day.

I couldn’t have been any prouder!

But, then, my heart sank a little bit. Regrets, I guess. I told him I could’ve been the stage kuya cheering him on and screaming and applauding him like crazy when his blog flashed on the screen. I could’ve dragged C to the Awards Night, when he felt better already.

Then I thought, “Kaya siguro persistent sya in inviting me… Had I known he was nominated, had I known he had a shot in winning this, sana pumunta ako.”


After waking up, and logging in to blogger, I saw his post on my Dashboard. After reading his post, I immediately commented and he replied:

 This is my way to congratulate him, and tell him that I’m so proud of him.

To Jay, my little brother here in blogspace,



pointlessparanoia said...

This my made my day even more special. My gratitude to you will always be there, what more with this surprise on your blog! Don't worry, I did not feel bad when I learned that you have a prior commitment. When I was on stage, I just imagined that you were there in the audience.

I am very grateful about this post on your blog. It made me smile and feel good despite my bad encounter with a difficult tricycle driver earlier. This makes me feel very special that you take some time on writing this post and all that.

I sincerely appreciate this, Kuya. Hugs.

Now, you owe me one. ;-)

Nate said...

@Jay: awe.. i'm glad you liked my post, made you smile, and made your day! :D enjoy your moment, lil bro!! don't let a "bad encounter" ruin your day.. you've won an award for Pete's sake!! brush it off and smile.. :)

it's not like everyday you'd win one.. :D

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