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Thursday, December 15

Evil Fairy Godmother-turned-Matchmaker Last Part


SpongeBob introduced me to Baller and Fairy Godmother. And it took me quite some time to get to know them and feel at ease with them. It didn’t take long before Baller started opening up.

It was a fine afternoon, and for some reason, Baller asked if we could talk over coffee. I agreed.

“So, what’s this about?”

Then he started talking…


Baller cheated on his girlfriend; it was with some random girl.

“It’s pure booty call?”

“Booty call? Panong booty call?”

“Plangak! How should I put this?? Uhm, ganito nalang… If there’s an itch, you scratch it… How’s that for an illustration?”

“Oh… No… Uhm, sige… Yes nalang…”

(This was the part where I should’ve spilled him coffee… Argh! The nerve!)

What’s wrong with him was that he was a gentleman. He treats her out to dinner, or a movie, and then does the “deed” afterwards. This was the part he shouldn’t have done.

Random girl fell for Baller.

(On cue, scenes almost related to the movie: No Other Woman

She raided his Facebook friends and added Baller’s GF. She, then, messaged her, telling her she and Baller are together. GF printed the evidence.

GF isn’t exactly the nagger type. She’s refined. When she’s angry, she goes for the silent war.

Baller & GF met up, for dinner.

While eating, GF brought the printout of the conversation with random girl on the table, and showed it to Baller.

“What was this about?”

Baller swore he could’ve twisted the fork he was holding and breaks it. He was silent. This is it!

(Enter guillotine.  Heads will definitely roll…)

Had she asked if he knew random girl, he would’ve denied it. Had she asked probing questions, after that, he’d deny it.

But GF went straight for the kill.

Baller died, the moment he saw the hard evidence. And then he thought, “I don’t care if I was a disgrace to the male species…”

“I don’t care if I was one of the few to admit of cheating,” said Baller.

He confessed, he admitted his wrongdoing, he said he was sorry and asked for forgiveness. GF did what was fitting… she, gracefully, walked out.


A day after the conversation with SpongeBob, I met up with him again…

“Remember during the game? Why Baller brought her with him?”

“Uh huh”

“It was the day after the dreaded confrontation over dinner. In fact, he was surprised she’d go with him.”

The silent war didn’t commence.

He brought her to the game to let her know he’s not going to fool around. Not anymore.

Baller’s habit of hanging out with just his friends is now gone. She’s going with him, whenever she wants too, whether he likes it or not.

Over the weekend, Baller had a talk with his brother.

He opened up after downing 7 bottles of beer.

“Eh gago ka pala eh!!” said his kuya.

“Eto, hindi muna tayo magkapatid ah… Gago ka! Ba’t mo ginawa yun? Ha?”

“Eh kasi kuya…”

“Shh… Teka, dadagdagan ko pa… GAGO KA!!”

“Tangina naman kuya eh… Wag namang ganyan…”

“Ah basta, GAGO KA!!”

“It was for the last time, kuya… We did it… for the last time... I didn’t know it would end up like this,” cried Baller.

“Good thing, she forgave you, you lucky bastard! Screw this up again, and I swear you’d lose her… for good!”

“I know… I know…”


Baller went on with his story…

During dinner, while he was explaining what happened, he watched GF as she incessantly twists the engagement ring around her finger taking it out then putting it back repeatedly.

Had he denied the fact that he cheated on her, she would’ve thrown the engagement ring to his face and ended things right then and there.

But she loves him.

“Do you love her?” asked I.

“Yes,” he answered in a heartbeat.

“Do you see her as being your wife, and mother to your kids?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then, by all means, make it right this time! Treat her right, do whatever it takes to show her you love her, and for her to feel she is loved!”


Then laughter came afterwards.


Suddenly, almost everyone I know wants to get married and settle down.

Baller and his GF are actually engaged, and they’re getting married in a few days.

I guess this was supposed to be the “happily ever after…”

Not the one Fairy Godmother would’ve wanted.

P.S.       Thanks to SpongeBob, I gained new friends. I was invited to the wedding… and I’m attending.

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