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Saturday, December 31

Curtain Falls

All things must come to end, as they say. And since most people are writing yearender posts, I decided that I might hop in to the bandwagon as well.

2011 has been quite an interesting year for me. It’s nice to look back and reminisce on the things that happened throughout the year. There have been ups and downs, yes, but there are a lot of things to be thankful.

A summary of my year would be as follows:


            Got regularized in my new company
            Elected as Corporate Secretary of the Board


            First time to travel in Mindanao; went on an OB Trip to Dipolog by myself, met new friends and seen new places
            Joined a new team for a project at work


            SpongeBob started telling stories about Baller


            Blogger meetup with Eon & Jerron, Ayla, and Jean.


            Struggles at work, with my boss, with new teammates.
            Company Summer Outing


            Had a hard time in adjusting to the Department Re–structuring
            Put up a blog, and posted my first entry; thanks to my Muses, most especially si Alter.


            Got transferred to a new team
            Got promoted


            My little brother’s birthday                
            Met the love of my life, days after my birthday
            Got caught up in a couple of messes
            Attended Fairy Godmother’s wedding, and got a book


            1st monthsary with C


            Tagged C along to a company event, and enjoyed commuting with him
            2nd monthsary with C


            Spent Halloween by myself
            Threw a surprise party for C
            3rd monthsary with C


            Impromptu hosting of department Christmas Party
            Threw a surprise party for Lady in Black
            Attended Baller’s wedding
            Blogger meetup with Ronron, Nox, Yas, Nishiboy
 company Christmas Party
            Blogger meetup with Jay and Jerro
            4th monthsary with C
            Got my new baby

As the curtain falls for 2011, let us all be thankful for everything; the experiences, new friends, trials & triumphs, blessings, and the love coming from our loved ones.

Goodbye, 2011.

Hello 2012!


charles. said...

HAHAHA! Parehas tayo ng style, :p 2011 has been good to me, one reason is nakilala ko ang aking bros, andrama. haha! Haffy new year kuya! Send my greetings to C.


Kuya, may naicomment yata ako before this na hindi pa tapos, pakidisregard.

Anonymous said...

May you have a wonderful 2012 ahead of you. Thanks for being a part of my 2011. See you in 2012.

Mugen said...

Happy New Year Nate! Looking forward to reading your timeline at the end of 2012. Hehe.

Nate said...

@charles: bunsoy!!! *hugs* yes naman, ikaw na ang madrama.. lolz.. :P thanks lil bro, sige i'll tell C..

@pointlessparanoia: hi there jay! thanks din for being a part of my 2011.. may you have a blessed 2012.. :)

@mugen: hi kuya joms! happy new year to you too! haha! sige, let's see what will be in my timeline for 2012.. :D

Anonymous said...

Glad I met you already! Happy new year, Nate! May you have a great 2012!

Nate said...

@grammarkiller: aww.. thanks jerro! :)

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